Carves Novel Objects From Lumps Of Coal (Jul, 1938)

Carves Novel Objects From Lumps Of Coal
CARVING beautiful novelties from lumps of coal is the unique business engaged in by Charles H. Cunningham, of Summit Hill, Pa. Two of his carvings—a fireman’s trumpet and a football—are shown in the photo at right.




by John E. Pfeiffer

This is the first of a series of articles on the romance of synthetic chemistry in which science has solved the mystery for turning waste into wealth.

“Don’t throw that away!” This is the battle cry of the great synthetic chemical industry which makes everything from hair-brush handles to T.N.T. from stuff that was once just waste. If you want to buy some perfume, the odds are that the bottle will contain odors extracted from coal tar, once a nightmare to factories who paid people to get rid of it.

But today, whether it’s waste gas, tar, or peanut shells, the chemists want it to sell back to you again in the form of motor fuel, photographic film, or pipe stems. What men do with rubbish would turn the most efficient housewife green with envy and the whole thing only started late last century.

Largest Private Plane is Flying Yacht (Jan, 1933)

Der plane! Der plane!

Largest Private Plane is Flying Yacht
• THE huge machine illustrated here appears to rival some of the air liners that have figured in trans-ocean flights. It is, however, the property of a wealthy British sportsman. Its cabins are luxuriously furnished as living quarters for protracted trips; the upholstered seats and berths folding to make living and sleeping quarters alternately commodious. Its size and power may be imagined from this view of its exterior.

Ad: new digital magnetic tape transport (Jan, 1956)

new digital magnetic tape transport

the AMPEX FR200 for digital handling provides new performance standards, new convenience features and an unmatched excellence of design
The time saving feature of single loop threading is provided by a lever which moves the idlers into a straight line. This arrangement eliminates chance of faulty threading by unskilled personnel.

SCIENCE SAYS… It Ain’t So (Dec, 1950)

All my life, I’ve believed that practice makes perfect and that the hand is quicker than the eye. Now stupid, meanie science has to come and shatter all of my dreams. Damn you science!!!


Before you read the story on the following pages, mark these items TRUE or FALSE, then check the answers in the text. If your score is 16 or better, you’re smarter than science thinks you are.

1. Ground glass will always kill you
2. Brain power declines rapidly with age
3. Your body is symmetrical
4. Geniuses are sickly and die young
5. Faces reveal character
6. Alcohol is a stimulant
7. Women have more intuition than men
8. Practice makes perfect
9. Ptomaine poisoning causes most food sickness
10. You’re more efficient in cold climate
11. Milk prevents tooth decay
12. Cats can kill babies by sucking their breath
13. Marriage between cousins produces morons
14. Goldenrod is the main cause of hayfever
15. Pasteurization kills all germs in milk
16. Don’t keep food in opened cans
17. Blood tests can prove paternity
18. The hand is quicker than the eye
19. Don’t drink water with meals
20. Hypnotized people won’t act against their will
21. Tuberculosis and syphilis are hereditary
22. Rust causes lockjaw
23. Sleeping on the left side is bad for the heart
24. Treat frostbite by rubbing with snow

Pimp your IMP (Jun, 1953)

I love this picture.

Owner: R. F. Clouse, Auburn, Ind. Engine: two-cylinder, air-cooled, 12 horsepower. Friction drive, four speeds forward. Sheet metal body over wood frame. Independent wheel suspension, no axles. Wheelbase 100 inches. Weight 600 pounds. Original price $375. Designed by William B. Stout.

Tiny Mike (Apr, 1952)

Wow, that thing is TINY! And the antenna is only 4 feet!

Tiny Mike shown below is being used in movie sequences where microphones are difficult to conceal. Jan Sterling illustrates how easy it is to hide this small battery case and four-foot antenna under her clothing.

Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig (Apr, 1939)

And PETA was born.

Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig
IN THE photo below, Max Factor, Hollywood make-up specialist (left) and Dr. J. R. Pratt, chemist, are testing a new lipstick on a shaven guinea pig (circle). A baby guinea pig is used for the test because its under skin is ten times more sensitive than that of a human being.

Make the Most of Your Coffee Ration (Feb, 1943)

There’s Extra Cafe in that one Cup a Day

YOU’LL have to learn to be satisfied with a demi-tasse for the duration, unless you take advantage of every means to economize on coffee. Here are some tried and tested ways of getting the most out of that one pound each five weeks. Follow these valuable suggestions and you’ll get more coffee per pound than you ever brewed before, and it will be wholesome, good tasting coffee too. Better try these hints on the first pound.

Hardware Chic (Sep, 1935)

Hardware Dealer Fashions Feminine Hats from Merchandise

SOUP strainers, window screening, metal scouring pads and even fishing plugs were fashioned into hats by an ingenious hardware merchant in dressing up his windows for a special sale.

A tray from a weighing scale furnished the foundation for a “Military” bonnet which included such accessories as a metal scouring cloth chin strap and a cocktail strainer pom. He fashioned the brim for an “Afternoon” hat from a strip of window screen, used a soup strainer for the crown and fishing plugs and a scouring pad for the feminine frills. An upended paint brush was used to produce the final touch in chic styling.