Gauged To Perfection (Jan, 1955)

Gauged To Perfection

Perfection of the finished product requires precise control in the manufacture of jet fuel. Such control is vital in the refining of oil, as it is in most industries. And, with the coming of age of automation, the controls must not only be precise —they must also be supervised automatically.

about torpedo control systems (Sep, 1955)

about torpedo control systems


When a torpedo is launched, its control system must solve many problems — not only directing it towards the target, but controlling its depth, speed, and stability.

Automatic Home Laundry – 1965? (Jan, 1955)


Automatic Home Laundry – 1965

Maybe it’s hard to imagine a home laundry that washes, dries, irons, folds. But it’s even harder to imagine this wonder—or any other—working without ball bearings . . . New Departures.
In fact, New Departure ball bearings play an important role in just about every product with moving parts. For more than 50 years, manufacturers everywhere have counted on New Departure for bearings.

Why this confidence? It’s a matter of living up to a name. It means being first with new departures — like the Sealed-for-Life ball bearing. And New Departure will be ready tomorrow with the finest bearings . . . first!

Mediumistic Tricks (Nov, 1935)

Mediumistic Tricks

FOR new Hallowe’en thrills, put on a mediumistic party with turban-bedecked medium, darkened room, spirit writing, tables floating in the air, and all the other tricks which fake spirit mediums use so successfully. The mere suggestion, on your invitations, that all weak-hearted persons should stay at home will insure a crowd.

World’s Longest Bridges Span San Francisco Bay (Mar, 1935)

World’s Longest Bridges Span San Francisco Bay


A comprehensive article on the Golden Gate and San Francisco Oakland Bay bridges, telling of man’s struggle with nature to complete, at a tremendous cost, two of the most daring construction feats ever undertaken by American engineers.

HIGH over the surging tides of San Francisco’s Golden Gate, the two towers of the world’s largest single suspension bridge stand in defiant majesty as symbols of man’s victory over natural forces. And farther back, the eight mile skeleton of towers and piers stretch across the San Francisco—-Oakland bay, ready for the spans which will complete this, the world’s most costly bridge project.

These bridges, built at a total cost of $112,000,000, are being erected to aid traffic in and around San Francisco. The bridge to Oakland cuts the 30 mile trek around the circuitous shoreline of the bay to a straight 8-1/4 mile trip across the bridge; the Golden Gate project eliminates a detour of approximately 80 miles for direct coastal traffic between Canada and Mexico.

Scientist to Make Bold Attempt to Revive Human Dead (Feb, 1935)

This is scary. I love how the fact that no one will give him dead bodies to resurrect is referred to as his “predicament”.

Scientist to Make Bold Attempt to Revive Human Dead

DR. ROBERT E. CORNISH, young California scientist who astounded the nation by bringing the dead dog, Lazarus, back to life, is now preparing to repeat his experiment using human subjects.

He has petitioned the governors of the three states, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada to furnish him with the bodies of criminals after they are pronounced dead in the lethal gas chambers — but his petitions have been rejected on various grounds.

Hearing of his predicament, approximately fifty people, interested both in science and possible remuneration, have offered themselves as subjects. According to Dr. Cornish, most of those offering themselves for “clinical” death are single men. One man from Kansas, in offering himself as a subject stated he considered $300,000 a fair price for the risk involved.

Inventors Patent Odd Designs for Safer Airplanes (May, 1935)

Inventors Patent Odd Designs for Safer Airplanes
Unusual ships, straying away from accepted designs, are being tried in an effort to increase safety and simplify air travel. Some of the ideas are shown here.

The Original Ant Farm (Jun, 1936)

More information about Prof. Frank Austin’s Ant Palaces. (Link)

ANT PALACES Create NEW Pastime

THOUGH it sounds like something out of “Alice in Wonderland,” the ant palace is a very real contrivance that sells for five dollars, and sells very rapidly at that. Strange things have been built in the name of entertainment, but seldom anything quite as novel and ingenious as these glazed-in ant apartments with both northern and southern exposure.

Magnetic Rail Gun in 1934 (Sep, 1934)

Texan Builds Novel Electric Gun

GIANT projectiles pulled at terrific velocities through powderless cannon by magnetism, leaving the barrel with scarcely more noise than that made by a .22 rifle, may set new problems for range finders.
The electric gun invented and patented by Virgil Rigsby of San Augustine, Texas, is similar to an electric motor with the field poles unrolled. Powerful magnet coils mounted end to end along the barrel of the gun are supplied with electricity by an electrical timing switch in such fashion that the magnetic pulling force is always ahead of the projectile.

Correct Your Nose! (Oct, 1931)

Correct Your Nose!

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