Junior Cadet Space Helmet (Aug, 1962)

Wow, this looks like it’s harder to make than than the street legal kart.

Junior Cadet Space Helmet

As any budding young astronaut will tell you, his most important piece of equipment is a realistic helmet with light, radio, oxygen tanks, and plenty of colorful armor.

WETHER they’re solving re-entry problems on the living room banister or stalking Martians in the orchard, junior spacemen need plenty of imagination-inspiring equipment. So vital a piece as the helmet should be built at home where the astronaut can help and be sure the construction meets space-age requirements.

Remote-Control STATION WAGON (Aug, 1949)

Remote-Control STATION WAGON

A 7-1/2 inch scale model of the Jeep Station Wagon. Powered with a miniature electric motor, you can “drive” it yourself.

By Douglas Roffe

A flick of the switch, the lights go on and this realistic little station wagon starts to roll! A flick of the switch and it’ll back up! A twist of the wrist and you can steer it to the left or the right!

Powered with a miniature electric motor driven by batteries housed in a flashlight case, this remote control model car is as agile as the real Jeep Station Wagon after which it was patterned. Actually, the control system is very simple. One end of a flexible cable is connected to the steering mechanism on the car while the other end is attached to the flashlight case. By twisting the case the front wheels can be turned. Two wires extending from the batteries in the case are taped to the flexible cable and are connected to the electric motor which drives one rear wheel of the car.

What’s it like to be a Boeing engineer? (Sep, 1952)

My favorite part is the caption: “Solving a dynamics problem with the Boeing Computer”. THE Boeing computer? What just the one? Do they all have to share?

What’s it like to be a Boeing engineer?

Boeing engineers enjoy many advantages — among them the finest re-search facilities in the industry. These include such advanced aids as the Boeing-designed, Boeing-built Electronic Analog Computer shown above.
This is part of the stimulating background that helps Boeing men maintain the leadership and prestige of an
Engineering Division that’s been growing steadily for 35 years.

Pocket-Sized Radio Used in Private Paging System (Apr, 1956)

My question is, what is an “confined induction loop area”? Does that mean you have to surround your building with an antenna?

Pocket-Sized Radio Used in Private Paging System
Private and individual paging of personnel in plants and offices is possible with Motorola’s pocket-sized “Handie-Talkie.” Weighing only 10 ounces and slightly larger than a package of king-size cigarettes, the set is carried on the person. Its use eliminates the need for public-address type paging and loud call devices such as bells.
A typical paging system, using the “Handie-Talkie,” consists of a selector console with individual buttons for key personnel, and an FM transmitter that radiates alerting tones and voice messages within a confined induction loop area. The receiver is powered by a 4-volt mercury battery and is free from the noise interference common to many industrial establishments. Up to several hundred persons can be paged individually. (Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc., 4501 Augusta Blvd., Chicago 51, 111.).


Alas, none of the attributes included proficiency in L33t5p34k, a hot avatar or a snarky blog. How’s a modern boy to choose?


You may think you know why you like certain women—but you’ll be surprised at what psychologists say about your real motives

By Norman Carlisle

WHY did you marry your wife? If you’re not married, why will you marry? Chances are that whichever of these questions fits your marital state, the answers you give will be wrong. Psychologists probing the reasons why people pick the mates they do emerge with the conclusion that men really don’t know why, for better or worse, they abandon bachelorhood.

Love and sexual attraction—the reasons usually given—are not, to psychologists anyway, reason enough. What are the real subconscious drives that propel one person into the arms of another?

Dr. R. F. Winch, of Northwestern University, has worked out the theory that you really marry on the basis of psychological need.

“In mate selection,” he claims, “each individual seeks within his or her field of eligibles for that person who gives the greatest promise of providing him or her with maximum need gratification.”


It seems like once you get past the girl falling out the window and all, this ad is really for Insurance Adjuster school, which sounds a lot less glamourous than the C.S.I like image portrayed in the picture.


Train quickly in your own home for repeat income in the exciting, secure Claim Investigation and Claim Adjusting field. Our students and graduates are already earning $4, $5, $6 an hour extra SPARE TIME — and up to $10,000 a year Full Time. You need NO prior experience or higher education. Your age does NOT matter.

MARVEL Mystery Oil (Feb, 1952)

I’m not really sure what they’re trying to say in this ad… I think it’s either: “Marvel Oil will blow up your car”, or “Marvel oil is made of atomic bombs”.

MARVEL Mystery Oil

More than 30 years of scientific research have gone into Marvel Mystery Oil, to meet the lubrication demands of today’s high – compression engines. Use in crankcase, gas tank, or top cylinder oiler… the ideal cure for hydraulic valve trouble.
See your dealer or write: EMEROL MANUFACTURING CO., INC.,
Depl 234, 242 West 69th St., New York 23. New York

Midget Jeep (Sep, 1949)

I love the name “Devil Junk” that he gave his jeep, though it does make it sound like the kid might have a heroin problem.

The midget jeep at the left was built by Valentin Labata. of Leyte. Philippine Islands. He starts his letter by asking, “I wonder if Filipinos are qualified to enter your Workbench Award contest?” They sure are, Val. We base our awards on ability, not nationality. He goes on to say. “A 3-hp. Wisconsin engine drives one rear wheel through a belt, giving 25 m.p.h, top speed and 75 to 80 miles per gallon. The brake works through the other rear wheel. I received help from my father, who donated the engine and the wheels, and two relatives. That’s me in the middle. The other two boys are the helpful relatives.”

Bullet Proof Vest (May, 1962)

Of course the picture implies that someone is aiming at your head. And expecting a bullet proof vest to protect you from a headshot is a little like thinking that wearing a condom will protect you from a dirty needle.

NEXT TIME somebody tries to make a target out of your torso, just chuckle quietly and casually invite the cad to “Fire at will” … IF you’re wearing an L. Barratt bulletproof vest These $90 lead rejectors will stuff off a Browning automatic barrage at ten feet.
FRONTING on a quiet street in London’s fashionable St. James’s quarter is a little haberdashery that specializes in making bulletproof vests for VIPs. Leonard Barratt, proprietor and vest designer, makes his 13%-pound waistcoats by sewing high-tensile steel bars into a garment of heavy linen canvas. He seldom sees his customers, who prefer to remain anonymous. He deals with intermediaries who come ’round with Mr. Big’s measurements.



Ruggedly designed to rigid specifications, operationally proved by tens of thousands of hours of operation in a variety of applications, ERA Magnetic Drum Storage Systems are fully engineered, operationally reliable systems.
Large storage capacity, proven dependability, alterable yet non-volatile storage, and high speed are among the important characteristics which make these systems the optimum choice for many high-speed data-handling problems.
ERA’s experienced engineers will be pleased to assist you in the application of ERA Magnetic Drum Storage Systems to your particular system requirements.
Engineering Research Associates, INC
Department S-l, 1902 West Minnehaha Avenue
St. Paul 4, Minnesota
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