Neon Signs Identify Police Patrol Cars (Apr, 1939)

Neon Signs Identify Police Patrol Cars

Police cars assigned to the park districts of Chicago, Ill., are now fitted with roof-top neon signs so that motorists may identify them on the road at any time during the day or night. Within park areas, the police automobiles travel at legal speeds so that drivers may spot them and judge their own speed accordingly. Even in heavy fog, the rooftop signs are easily visible, as shown in the photograph reproduced
at the left.

Daring Rocketmen to Invade the Stratosphere (May, 1934)

This reminds me of the ill-fated Rotary Rocket company.

Daring Rocketmen to Invade the Stratosphere

The rocket-shooters are going to pitch in again this coming summer. Undaunted by reverses and tragedies during the past year’s experiments, the rocketeers are tackling their work with renewed vigor and ambition, plus improved apparatus and chemicals.

Ernst Loebell, famous German engineer and rocket designer, promises to bring the rocket engines to their greatest point of achievement next summer. He is now in this country and is an active worker in the Cleveland Rocket Society.

Loebell has been carrying on bis preliminary experiments on the big Hanna estate in a suburb of Cleveland. In their operations the Cleveland group has been making use of the lessons taught by the experiments of Loebell’s countryman, the late Reinhold Tilling, a noted radio engineer and rocket builder.

Prior to his death. Tilling had been experimenting with rockets and rocket planes for months. The success of a rocket which reached a height of (6,000 feet in 1931 spurred him on to the construction of a rocket with glider wings which unfolded when the fuel was exhausted and brought the projectile gently to earth. This feat was hailed as one of the first practical steps toward the development of mail and passenger carrying rockets.

The Tilling rockets were set in motion by telignition from a distance of 100 yards. They attained a speed of 700 miles an hour and landed five miles from the starting point, in accordance with calculations. Herr Tilling was working on a system designed to manipulate his rockets by radio control when he and a female assistant were killed in the explosion of a rocket which they were charging.

Dresses Made From Milk (Dec, 1939)

Dresses Made From Milk

AFTER three years of research, tests and experiments the production of artificial wool from cow’s milk has gone so far in Italy that the great Snia Viscosa rayon plant at Milan, Italy, is building a huge addition to its factory for the production of the new artificial fibre on a large scale. Wool is the raw material for which Italy has depended almost entirely on other countries, but when sanctions were threatened during the Ethiopian conquest Italy turned to the development of a substitute. The new material is the result.

In producing artificial wool milk is weighed and passed through a heater into a skimming machine, where it is separated from its cream. The skimmed milk passes into a curdling boiler to be treated by chemicals which produce coagulation of the casein suspended in the milk. The casein thus collected is sent by a casein hoist into a press filter, where whey is eliminated. The solid casein goes to a mixer to be dissolved by chemical reagents and then is sent on to maturing and filtering tanks.

Again in liquid form, the casein is forced through a spinneret of platinum containing 600 minute holes calibrated to the finest precision standards. It then passes through a precipitating bath which solidifies it into filaments. The filaments are carried as fine white wool threads, each consisting of many filaments, to small rotating cylinders on which they go to cutting machines to be cut into desired lengths.

America is a Better America – thanks to Advertising! (Jun, 1958)

Another ad nestled in among a page of ads in the back of Popular Mechanics, advertising the benefits of advertising.

America is a Better America – thanks to Advertising!

American citizens are better informed – thanks to Advertising!

Early VCR (Jun, 1964)

Watch Your Favorite TV Show ANY Time

The race to market a home TV tape recorder is getting hotter. Fairchild’s entry offers a much-improved picture

ONE of these days, you’ll sit down after supper, flip the dials on your home TV tape recorder, and watch a rerun of that afternoon’s base-ball game.

Recently I spent an afternoon trying out a prototype model of such a machine made by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Co. I recorded programs off the air —both pictures and sound—while I was watching the program. Immediately after the show, I played back the recording while the images of the original telecast were still fresh in my mind. Although there was some loss of definition, the image quality was good—as good as most people see on their home TV sets. I watched the playback of an entire Danny Kaye show recorded a few days earlier— without being conscious that I was watching a recording.

Desk-Size Facsimile Machine (Jun, 1952)

Desk-Size Facsimile Machine

Smaller than a typewriter, a miniature self-contained telegraph “office” provides the executive with 24-hour telegram service. Telegrams are sent and received simply by pushing a button. They don’t even have to be typewritten. You simply write out the message on a blank, wrap the blank around the drum of the machine and turn it on. A scanner views the message and sends it to the addressee where an exact copy is reproduced by an identical machine. Transmission time of about 2-1/2 minutes is required to handle a full message. The call is routed through the main office of Western Union, which directs the message to its destination and bills the sender.

Bodyguards Face Death to End Kidnap Menace (May, 1934)

What I found really interesting about this article is the picture of Roosevelt on the second page. He was generally tried to hide the fact that he had Polio from the public. But if you look at that picture it’s obvious that he’s holding the man on the right for support. It also looks like he is using his other hand to support him self on a cane and possibly has leg braces under his pants. Rarely do you see unobstructed pictures of F.D.R standing.

Bodyguards Face Death to End Kidnap Menace

IN THE ordinary run of things, a man does not go about looking for trouble. But this is not the case with a new type of professional men. They are called bodyguards. Trouble is their business — and death not infrequently is their reward.



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Build your own JET ENGINE! (Jan, 1952)

Build your own JET ENGINE!

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Film Star’s Photos Printed on Pillows (Mar, 1939)

Film Star’s Photos Printed on Pillows

Not content with collecting photographs and autographs, star-struc movie fans in England go their American sisters one better by buying novelty pillow covers bearing the likenesses of their favorite movie stars. Almost life size, the pillow portraits are real photographs printed on the fabric by a photographic-printing process. The material is first treated with a sensitizing solution, then exposed under the negative, and finally developed and fixed. Movie-star draperies, upholstery, and dress fabrics are being manufactured in a similar way.