MICRO-FLUFF (Jan, 1955)

Nels Irwin is my hero. Just look at that mountain of fluff he’s prepared to give you, FREE! Yes you heard me right, free. Now I know where I’ll be going for all my fluffing needs.



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Garden Shoes From Tires (Mar, 1937)

Garden Shoes From Tires

Muddy feed is the biggest woe of the lady gardener. But one English woman solved the problem, and her scheme is fast catching on in a country where every woman prides herself on her garden.

An effective pair of covers to keep shoes clean and dry while tending to the garden in inclement weather was made of two pieces of rubber from an old tire, plus a pair of boot strings. Those who have worn them insist they are not as awkward as they look. With their large surface, the shoes do not sink into soft ground, marring flower beds.

Dictating Machines to Use Magnetic Tape (Oct, 1934)

Dictating Machines to Use Magnetic Tape

With the development of the steel tape method of sound recording, present day dictaphones may soon become obsolete. In demonstrations at the Century of Progress sound was stored in the magnetic ribbon for only a few seconds, but engineers believe it possible to construct a simplified dictating machine set along similar lines.

With the use of large rolls of the steel tape, there would be no need to change records as frequently as in the present apparatus. Court proceedings could be stored indefinitely.

Is Aerial Warfare Doomed? (Nov, 1934)

Needless to say, many of the predictions in this article didn’t pan out.

Is Aerial Warfare Doomed?

Original Editor’s Note – Statements by aviation enthusiasts that airplanes will wipe out cities, destroy fleets and armies, and win the next war prompted this article by Lieut. Hogg, noted writer on military topics. In it he makes startling revelations about the effectiveness of the airplane as a military weapon. The observations and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be construed as reflecting the official views or opinions of the United States Navy Department.

Startling Statements About Aerial Warfare

During the World War airplanes sank no battleships, destroyed no city, and failed in every attempt to bomb or gas an enemy out of a military position.

The first 30 days of any major war will see the complete elimination of air forces of belligerent powers.

No aviator entertains the thought that he is going to fly over the enemy anti-aircraft battery in time of war – and live to tell the tale.

Air raids over London and Paris during the four years of the World War destroyed less than $5,000,000 worth of property and killed fewer than 700 enemy civilians.

It would take 75,000 bombers to carry the load of bombs equivalent to the weight of shells carried by the 15 battleships of the U. S. Navy. The cruising radius of those bombers would be only 500 miles. A battleship can travel 15,000 miles, regardless of weather.

A shell will drill through heavy armor plate, or through concrete walls. It explodes inside to produce a shattering, internal explosion. A aerial bomb, having no such power of penetration pops off like a paper firecracker against whatever it hits.

It would take 28,000,000 pounds of phosgene to “wipe out” an area the size of New York City. To accomplish this the enemy would have to have 14,000 large bombing planes and 280 naval airplane carriers to bring the planes within striking distance of New York.

The Truth About Pot (May, 1968)

This is a surprisingly honest, un-biased and well researched article about marijuana from 1968. It’s kind of sad that essentially nothing has changed in this debate since this article was written.


  • Is marijuana addictive?
  • Does it have bad physical and mental effects on the user?
  • Does its use tend to increase crime?

Here are the conflicting opinions of leading experts on this highly controversial subject.

By Robert Gannon

After reviewing Mr. Cannon’s article on marijuana, “The Truth about Pot,” a consultant for the American Medical Association had this to say: “This is an excellent article. The author has done a wonderful job of making some legislative zealots look ridiculous simply by quoting their exaggerated statements and reciting the disconcerting facts.”

The great debate about marijuana ranks closely behind Vietnam and civil rights as one of the top issues of our time. And as the number of pot users grows, so does the controversy in which marijuana is called everything from a menace to a harmless delight.

    What is the truth about this strange drug? Here is an in-depth report on the nation’s pot problem and what science has learned so far about its effect on those who use it.

Bat Car (Aug, 1950)

This is the coolest freaking car. It’s like a combination of the Batmobile and a land speeder from Star Wars.

Ground-Hugging Motor Car Being Made in Sweden

Cruising the streets of Stockholm is a new Swedish car, built so low it seems to glide along the ground. The little car seats two and is designed to sell for about $386. When the plant is in full operation, about 50 of the cars will be turned out each week.

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort – AKA “Kiddie Catapult” (May, 1936)

It seems to me that this should be called the “Kiddie Catapult”, because if you’re ever in an accident your child is going to fly right through the windshield.

Auto Seat Gives Infant Comfort

When the very young members of the younger generation go motoring they may now ride in comfort, thanks to a new auto seat especially designed for infants.

The device is, in effect, a small chair which is placed on top of the regular seat cushion. Side arms give the child support and a convenient footrest keeps small shoes from scuffing the seat upholstery. The seat provides the child with full vision and is said not to come loose or jar out of place. Straps furnish the necessary adjustments.

No skinny man has an ounce of SEX APPEAL (Mar, 1939)

“No skinny man has an ounce of SEX APPEAL”

“But science have proved that thousands don’t have to be SKINNY”

-with Ironized Yeast Tablets

Thousands of skinny, rundown people who never could gain before have quickly put on pounds of solid, naturally attractive flesh, with these remarkable scientifically tested little Ironized Yeast tablets. What’s more, instead of that terrible tired feeling and jittery nerves, they now have wonderful new strength and energy, eat well, sleep soundly and with improved looks and new pep have won new friends and popularity.


You see, scientists have discovered that many people are underweight and rundown, often tired and nervous, simply because they don’t get enough Vitamin B and iron from their daily food. Without these vital elements you may lack appetite and not get the real body-building good out of what you eat.

Now you get these exact missing elements in these amazing little Ironized Yeast tablets. The improvement they bring in a short time to those who need Vitamin B and iron is often astonishing. Thousands report gains of 10 to 25 lbs., wonderful new pep – a new natural attractiveness that wins friends everywhere.


Get Ironized Yeast tablets from your druggist today. If with the first package you don’t eat better and FEEL better, with much more strength and pep- if you’re not convinced that Ironized Yeast will give you the normally attractive flesh, new energy and life you have not longed for, the price of the first package promptly refunded.

Only be sure you get the genuine Ironized Yeast, and not one of the cheap, inferior substitutes often offered which do not give the same results. Look for the letters “IY” stamped on each tablet. You don’t want inferior substitutes.

15 Lane Drive-in Bank (Nov, 1964)

This is just about the most American thing I’ve ever seen:

Big drive-in bank can serve 15 customers at a time

The entire street-level floor of the new Denver U.S. National Bank is devoted to customers who do their bankning without having to get out of their cars. It has 15 drive-in teller booths equipped with pneumatic tubes going to the other parts of the bank and TV to check accounts. Automatic light signals direct cars to booths as they are vacated. Over a million drivers can be served a year. Pedestrians bank on one of three basement levels. Four floors above the street can park 260 cars.