Speed Mask (Nov, 1968)

Calvin’s mom told him his new retainer made him look very handsome…

Speed mask streamlines swimmer

This prow-shaped mask with built-in snorkel and compass holder was invented by Calvin Gongwer and used by him in a recent 22-mile swim from Catalina Island to San Pedro Calif. He claims that the “speed mask” cuts drag by 35 percent.

I just hate wasting plutonium (Sep, 1956)

This is just crazy, they are talking about leaking plutonium; one of the most toxic and poisonous substances on earth, and the only thing they are worried about is how damn expensive that stuff is. I hope everyone in Hanford WA, is wearing one of those dashing suits.

Atomic Suit Inflated with Conditioned Air

The girl at right, wearing an anti-radiation suit is ready for her atomic job. Handling a Geiger counter and protected by the inflated plastic garment, she can detect floating radioactive particles without danger of contamination. Goodyear-made, the suit is air-conditioned for comfort.

Robot Halts Waste
When waste collected by this tape shows plutonium the machine signals control engineers at the Hanford atomic plant. Prompt “leak” plugging saves GE $250,000 a year in lost nuclear fuel.

Giant Videophone (Jul, 1964)

Low-cost viewer lets you see who’s calling

This phone-viewing system gives you a picture of any caller similarly equipped. It can be used on ordinary telephone lines. Push a button and within five seconds the picture appears. Developed by Toshiba Co., Japan, price is estimated at $250 although it’s not yet ready for sale.

Egg-Beater Wind Plane Imitates Hovering Flight of Eagle (Oct, 1934)

Egg-Beater Wind Plane Imitates Hovering Flight of Eagle

Revolving blades resembling somewhat the working parts of an egg beater replace wings and tail stabilizers on the “cycloidal flying machine,” an airplane designed to reproduce the best features of an eagle’s flight.

A seven foot model of the unusual craft has already been built in the aeornautical laboratories of the University of Washington by its inventor, Dr. Frederick K. Kirsten. The novel wing mechanism is expected to give higher speeds, hovering flight, and slower landings.

MEN – KILL for MONEY (Mar, 1937)


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Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds (May, 1968)

Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds

People on the go will welcome an oven that makes cooking chores a pleasure. Imagine a “piping hot” TV dinner (frozen) in 3 and 1/2 minutes* instead of 20 to 50 minutes. Bake a potato in 5 minutes* instead of 60 minutes. Fry crisp bacon in 90 seconds on a paper plate. Great for those left overs. Countertop designed. Works on 115 vac house circuit. Write for folder. $545.00

10 NO. LEE – OKLA CITY, OKLA 73102

Grip Snip (Aug, 1953)

Man, that woman gets really excited about pliers!



Climaxing the mystery yarn of 50 years ago was the instant the intrepid spy or detective clicked his concealed camera, capturing the evidence. Cameras were bulkier then, byt designers disguised them ingeniously. These cameras are displayed at the George Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y. Opera glasses and pistols are sure-fire giveaways for spies, yet that didn’t deter the designers. Those in Photo 1 are cameras in disguise. That harmless-looking man surveying land near the Army base was really a spy and his thotolite, like te one in Photo 2, was a camera! The dapper detective was never without his cane because it had a camera in its handle, Photo 3. Back in 1890, the ascot tie, Photo 4, was the mark of a gentleman, but this one had a built-in camera, its lense forming the stickpin. Cruder but just as efficient is the circular camera that shoots through a buttonhole, Photo 5.

Did we HAVE to hire a boy with skin like that? (Jan, 1936)

Don’t let adolescent pimples keep you from getting ahead!

Important glands develop during the adolescent years – 13 to 25. This causes disturbances throughout the body. Waste poisons in the blood irritate the skin, causing pimples.

Fleishmann’s Yeast clears up these adolescent pimples…by clearing the poisonous skin irritants out of your blood.

Ead Fleishmann’s Yeast 3 times a day, before meals, untill skin clears.



Because the finest single attribute anyone can offer is character, this, basically is what IBM asks of it’s people, whatever their special aptitudes or abilities. IBM offers them in return – not just a job – but a career. IBM electronif field technicians, for instance, receive more than training and early responsibility; they have the opportunity to work with the world’s largest computer, user all the latest testing equipment, employ the finest computer testing techniques yet devised. Above all, they ahve the satisfaction of joining the electronics industry’s most advanced program, destined for long-range national importance. You could ask for no finer future.
If you are between 19 and 32 and have at least a 2-year technicial school background, with emphasis on electronics, you can do important work on COMPUTER INPUT-OUTPUT functions. Write: Nelson O. Heyer, Room 3701, IBM, Neighborhood Rd., Kingston, N.Y.