White House HVAC (Jul, 1952)

White House Weathermaker

Comfort of the President and his household will be assured by a new electronic control panel which regulates temperature and humidity in the White House. The complex board monitors the action of 106 thermostats in the modernized executive mansion, which is said to contain the most elaborate year-round air-temperature system ever installed in a residential building. Conditions can be checked from the panel and proper changes made.

Electric Cattle Prod (Jan, 1936)

Caption: “Get along little piggie, get along” sings this driver as he applies his electric driving rod. The piggie gets a jolt that moves him along on the double, but he is hurt in no way.

It’s Shocking, But Pigs Do Behave

Reluctant pigs and cows, and even stubborn mules respond to the touch of a new instrument designed to facilitate driving live stock up the loading chute.

The device made on the order of the familiar stock yards cane is tipped with two rounded metal projections which release a sharp jolt of electricity when applied to the hide of the animal. The startled creature though injured in no way, steps up the chute in lively fashion after one application. Pocket batteries supply the power.

Snorkel Like a Submarine. (Aug, 1951)

It would have never occurred to me to explain a diving snorkel by referencing a submarine, rather I would do it the other way around. What do you think they called it before a “Snorkel”?

Swimmers Get a “Snorkel”
Breathe through the mouthpiece of a midget “snorkel” like a submarine’s, and you can stay under water by the hour. For locating fish, or just for fun, it’s sold at $7.50 by Abercrombie and Fitch, New York. At right, a well equipped swimmer uses snorkel, underwater-vision mask and foot fins.

Demonic Japs (Jan, 1945)

This is a crazy racist cover depicting Japanese soldiers as some kind of demonic, green, bomb throwing mutants.

Original Ball Point Pen (Jan, 1945)

TWO-YEAR INK SUPPLY can be carried in a fountain pen invented by L. J. Biro, an Argentine newspaper man from Hungary. The writing point is an unbreakable bll bearing to which a gelatinous quick-drying ink is fed from a copper tube. Composition of the ink is not divulged, but is supposedly a combination of glycerin and anilin fed from two copper tubes. The pen is sealed and can be refilled only by the manufacturer. The inventor claims the pen will not leak at high altitudes, and that one filling lasts one to two years.

Walkie-Talkie Carhops Speed Service (Dec, 1955)

The young lady in the photo (left) uses the lightweight walkie-talkie to call orders into the kitchen at Schilling’s Drive-in Restaurant near Covington, Ky. The woman in the car thus gets her food faster. It’s part of an electronic setup developed by Frank Lindley of Cincinnati. An operator at a reciever takes down orders fromt he walkie-talkie carhops. Then, when the food and check are ready, the carhops are alerted by different-colored lights on signal boxes located so that they can be seen from anywhere in the parking lot.

Milk to be Sold in Paper Bottles (Aug, 1934)

A Machine just recently developed not only sterilizes, fills, and caps milk bottles, but actually makes the bottles. Everything is automatic and the filled milk bottle can be turned out at a cost of less than one cent.

A paper container used for the milk as many novel features. Sturdy construction permits it to be handled just as roughly as the glass bottles, without danger of leakage.

A special clip which seals the bottle is easily replaced if contentents are not used at once. Even if the milk bottle freezes the bottle remains sealed.

Wind-Electric Plant Perfected (Nov, 1934)

Well, maybe not perfected. G.E. makes a wind turbine that generates 3.6MW; 36 times the output of this windmill. Of course it does have a diameter of 341 ft, making each of it’s blades almost as tall as this entire plant.

Mounting a 98-foot wheel atop a steel tower 82 feet high, Soviet Engineers have successfully operated a 100-kilowatt wind-electric plant in the Crimean sector for more than a year. The windwheel has self-regulating variable-pitch blades which are automatically operated by centrifugal force. The Entire machine rotates on a spherical pivot in the top of the tower. The device is kept into the wind by a small motor actuate by a weather vane.

Worlds First Washeteria Opened (Jan, 1936)

A new idea promptly put to work has resulted in a fast growing business for Mr. C. A. Tannahill of Fort Worth, Texas. He decided women who did not have room for a modern laundry in their home would be glad to pay to do their own washing in a place that did. He established the worlds first washeteria, and found he was right.

Vitabrush (Sep, 1949)

BE FAIR TO YOU HAIR Want better looking hair? Embarassed by falling dandruff, itching scalp? Get the new VITABRUSH, the electic-automatic brush with build-in brush head motor… gives scalp and hair an invigorating “workout” in just 3 minutes. Cleans scalp, stimulates blood supply, distributes the natural oils. Fun to use – relaxing. Write for satisfaction-guaranteed offer – today.
Hersey Mfg. Co., 3791 Field Bldg., Chicago 3.