Paper Matches Made in the Shape of Advertiser’s Product (May, 1931)

Paper Matches Made in the Shape of Advertiser’s Product

A LARGE American match manufacturer has recently advanced an idea which will greatly increase the advertising value of its product. These small books of paper matches which are commonly given away when you purchase your smokes are the basis of the idea.

Instead of the ordinary paper lucifers, the matches are shaped like the article which they advertise. The stunt has its limits, however, as bass drums and pretzels will be hard to imitate with match sticks.

  1. Mike says: August 5, 20118:25 am

    That is a cool idea, limited but cool.

  2. jayessell says: August 5, 20118:36 am

    The left one looks like beer.
    The right one looks like cigars.

    The middle one looks like maid service.

    It doesn’t seem right to set her head on fire.

  3. kedamono says: August 5, 20118:37 am

    Um, Women are a product? 🙂

    It’s probably a maid service, but you could imagine what some folks thought when they first read this news item.

  4. Neil Russell says: August 5, 20119:25 am

    Aw, that’s nothing, I’ve got a bunch of them that look like matches

  5. Hirudinea says: August 5, 20119:41 am

    I wonder if they would take an ad for condoms? 🙂

  6. Mike says: August 5, 20116:48 pm

    Or an ad for that “dry burning sensation.”

  7. Charlene says: August 6, 20119:50 am

    Or for that “not quite fresh feeling”.

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