Parachute Jumper Gives Imitation of a Flying Squirrel (Sep, 1930)

Parachute Jumper Gives Imitation of a Flying Squirrel

IN a startling imitation of a flying squirrel, Rex G. Finney, parachute juniper of the Curtiss-Wright Flying Service, demonstrated his stunt of becoming a human glider before the public recently with great success.

A triangular piece of sail cloth sewn between the legs of his flying suit acts upon the air in the same manner as the membranes of the flying squirrel, enabling him to perform thrilling glides and stalls while in the air.

As he jumps from the plane, Finney stretches his legs apart, and the wind, acting upon the web between his outstretched legs in much the same manner as it acts. upon the elevators of a plane, enables him to glide a steep angle. By doubling his knees he is thrown into a climbing stall.

  1. jayessell says: January 12, 20101:36 pm

    No arm wings? Ooo… so close.

    ’60 Minutes’ had a story on Wingsuit Skydivers a few weeks ago.

    Several clips at YouTube, like this one:…

    Thanks for nothing CBS On-line Video Archive!

  2. KD5ZS says: January 12, 20106:58 pm

    Hey Rocky,

    Watch me do an imitation of a flying squirrel……….

  3. Jose / Sandglass Patrol says: January 12, 20107:05 pm

    Spanish “Proyecto Alas” (“Wings Project”) is very similar to this design solution for ‘flying suit’

  4. Toronto says: January 12, 20107:58 pm

    That trick never works!

  5. Firebrand38 says: January 12, 20108:28 pm


  6. jayessell says: January 13, 20104:22 pm


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