Parade of New Patents (Oct, 1960)

The gas powered pogo-stick looks pretty fun to me.

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Parade of New Patents

Station Wagon Auxiliary Platform will facilitate your loading and unloading. This sliding tray unit forms an extra shelf or set of shelves for easy storage of trunks, boxes and small items that often get mislaid in a fully loaded station wagon. Trays are spring loaded for easy sliding. Patent No. 2,934,248. Jack A. Lown, Minneapolis, Minn.

‘Copter Kite looks like the real thing when it is airborne. The kite has a three-bladed rotor that revolves about a simple bearing while the dummy tail rotor disc appears to be spinning as it glints in the light. Construction is light and simple. Patent No. 2,893,663. Earl L Wilson, Los Angeles, Calif.

Adjustable Umbrella Holder leaves your hands free for carrying parcels and lighting a pipe or cigaret. The light harness goes over the shoulders and can be adjusted to the most comfortable fit. When it stops raining, the umbrella can be slung from tie loops at the back. Patent No. 2,926,826. William Conrad, Frackville, Pa.

Combination Head-Rest and Sun Shade is just the thing for a hot sunny day at the beach. It folds up easily and in this form may be used to carry swim suits, towels and other small objects. A zipper pocket in the cushion holds the articles. Patent No. 2,932,833. Katharina Wambach, Philadelphia, Pa.

Tie-On Ice or Water Bag. This simple little invention makes it possible to attach a small ice bag or to apply heat to any part of the head or body. It is suitable for use by ambulatory patients for no effort is required to keep it in place. A swivel collar fits around the neck and is held in place by the screwcap top. This permit* the use* to adjust the bag to any desired position. Patent No. 2,919735. Leona E. Prietzsch, Venetia, Pa.

Auto Fountain. This beverage container for automobiles is easily installed under the dash and consists of a wire cage that may be adjusted to take various size vacuum flasks. Addition of a spigot to the flask or bottle is all that is needed to dispense water or non-alcoholic drinks while speeding along the turnpike. Patent No. 2,915,082. Evart V. Shaw, Garland, Tex.

Glare Shields for Automobiles fasten to the hood of your car and are claimed to be equally effective day or night. The rows of staggered flanges are brightly polished and reflect sunlight or headlight glare upwards and away. Patent No. 2,930,650. Roy J. Vosen, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Powered Pogo Stick is made up of a king-sized 1-cylinder engine fired automatically by a trip switch that is placed strategically beneath the foot rests. Will this gadget require a vehicle license? Who knows? It ought to be something to see if these things get into production and then into the hands of some of the drivers you meet on the roads today. Patent No. 2,929,459. Gordon Spitzmesser, Elwood, Ind.

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    Parade of New Patents – Science And Mechanics 1960…

    What ever happened to the gas powered pogo stick? Science And Mechanics 1960 – “Powered Pogo Stick is made up of a king-sized 1-cylinder engine fired automatically by a trip switch that is placed strategically beneath the foot rests…….

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