Parlor Movie Screen (Mar, 1947)

Movie screen in the parlor need no longer be a problem with this new device known as the Pict-O-Screen. Concealed within the frame of a lithograph print, it can be pulled into place with a cord whenever your projector is ready. When the show is over, just tug the cord again and the screen disappears. It’s made by Radiant Mfg. Co., Chicago.

  1. Chris Radcliff says: October 28, 20082:55 pm

    Yes! I’ve wanted one of these for a while. I wonder if SkyMall has them…

  2. John M. Hanna says: October 28, 20084:02 pm

    Hi neighbors. Lets all go look at Picture Picture.

  3. Richard C says: October 28, 20085:43 pm

    That would be nifty for use with a ceiling-mounted projection TV. Especially if it were motorized. Turn the TV off, up goes the screen, and you’ve just got a pretty painting on the wall.

  4. jayessell says: October 31, 200812:03 pm

    Here’s a wall mounted TV.
    A few more inches into the wall would have made it flush
    and concealable with a movable picture.…

    See the 2nd and 3rd picture.
    (Unless you WANT to see a pipe legged coffee table.)

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