Partition Gives Submarine Effect (Feb, 1950)

Partition Gives Submarine Effect
Spectators receive the illusion of looking directly into a group of small, beautiful submarine gardens when they view the collection of rare tropical fish owned by Fred Joerger, Hollywood motion-picture artist. All the glass tanks that hold the fish are concealed behind a partition of shaggy redwood bark and are viewed through irregular ports cut through the bark. The partition completely hides the wiring and plumbing required for maintaining the fish. Each tank is separately lighted from above. Hinged at one end, the partition may be swung out of the way to feed the fish, clean the tanks, and adjust water and air supplies.

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  1. Artillerist says: February 8, 20089:06 am

    Obit on Joerger here:…

    One of the first Disney “imagineers.”

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