Passing the 1,000 Foot Mark (Jan, 1931)

Passing the 1,000 Foot Mark

HIGHER and higher soar the metropolitan skyscrapers as if aspiring to pierce the clouds and support the very heavens. The latest of these massive monoliths to rear its huge bulk on the New York skyline is the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. The claim is made for it that it is the tallest structure of any kind in the world. From the street to the roof of the 84th floor is 1043 feet, not including the observatory roof above this level or the mooring mast designed to extend 200 feet higher. There are 85 stories above 34th street arid two stories below the grade. The land and building are valued at $50,000,000.

  1. Barry Berlin says: June 6, 20085:12 pm

    I hope they make it strong enough to withstand the attack of any giant apes from Skull Island that may show up in New York.

  2. Drew says: May 5, 20094:03 pm

    They don’t build them like they used to. This one was hit by a USAAF bomber and only had minor damage.

  3. Firebrand38 says: May 5, 20095:09 pm

    Very flip, Drew….but I don’t think that you want to compare a 33,000 lb B-25 crashing into the Empire State Building with a 390,000 767 crashing into the North Tower(but you knew that).


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