Paste-Pump Toothbrush (Mar, 1949)

Paste-Pump Toothbrush

A MISSING tube of toothpaste helped Dr. L. E. Walker, a Mullen, Neb., dentist, invent a toothbrush that always had the paste handy—packed right in the handle.

Dr. Walker’s office was full of professional equipment for taking care of other people’s aching teeth. At home, though, it was another story. When he had to clean his own grinders, he found his toothbrush all right—but where was that wandering tube of paste?

After fretting over his toothpaste troublea while, he remembered his hypodermic syringes at the office and figured he might use that hypodermic idea to combine his toothbrush and paste into a single unit. He sold two of his mechanical-minded friends on the scheme. Together they perfected a paste-pump toothbrush and formed the Holiday Manufacturing Co., in Grand Island, Neb., to market the gadget.

Because Dr. Walker lost his toothpaste, now he’s turning out a streamlined two-in-one toothbrush and collecting a $50 check from MI for his prize-winning idea.

  1. Don says: March 23, 20098:40 am

    I sure wish my dentist had a uniform like that! Dr. Achenbach, my first dentist, did . . . .

  2. Jim D says: March 23, 20092:13 pm

    Dr L E Walker? It’s Dr Bertram Pincus:

  3. Toronto says: March 23, 20094:41 pm

    Sixty years later, these are still being made (though mainly for the camping/travelling crowd, not peopel who lose the toothpaste tube.)

  4. Jari says: March 25, 20092:20 pm

    Just don’t overdose the paste, man…

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