Patient In New Dental Chair Controls Drill and Gas (Oct, 1935)

I’m thinking the ability to turn the drill on and off might be a little dangerous, not to mention really annoying to the dentist.

Patient In New Dental Chair Controls Drill and Gas

THE patient is king in a new painless dentistry chair now in use in a Chicago dentist’s office. When drilling becomes excessively painful the patient, by means of a button held in the left hand can turn off the drill. If the patient prefers to have the work continue, but wishes to eliminate the pain, he or she can press a bulb held in the right and administer a dose of pain killing gas.

Dentists find the devices are successful not only in actual operation, but in the psychological effect they have on the patients. The knowledge that they can stop the drill at any time reduces the nervous tension.

  1. Thundercat says: September 12, 200712:50 pm

    Patient controlled Nitrous? That could be fun!

  2. Sorcerer Mickey says: September 14, 20072:11 pm

    “Gas set to HIGH! Drill set to OFF!”

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