Pay-Roll Holdup Alarm Works Three Ways (Sep, 1939)

Pay-Roll Holdup Alarm Works Three Ways

Equipped with a built-in siren audible a mile away, a carrying case for bank messengers, pay-roll carriers, and others who transport valuables from place to place, has three separate switch connections to set the electric alarm for various conditions. One switch, when set, causes the alarm to sound whenever a messenger releases his hold on the bag handle. A second, used when the bag is carried in an automobile, causes the siren to sound when the case is lifted from the floor. A third actuates a timing device, making the alarm go off automatically if the bag is left unattended for a stated period.

  1. Orv says: March 9, 20127:08 am

    Payroll robberies used to be a big deal, back when most companies paid their employees in cash.

  2. Jacob says: March 9, 20129:17 am

    Wonder how much that case weighed, with an electromechanical siren and batteries to run it…

  3. Jari says: March 10, 20122:35 pm

    How about this one instead? At least there’s some slapstick potential.…

  4. Jari says: March 10, 20122:36 pm

    Wait, how on earth did it embedded itself?

  5. Charlene says: March 10, 20123:58 pm

    It’s maaaaa-gic.

  6. Charlie says: March 10, 20127:24 pm

    It was a weird plugin compatibility thing. It’d leave it in, but it refuses to accept the width restrictions I give it… Will look into it in the future.

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