Peach Shaver Removes Fuzz (Nov, 1937)

Peach Shaver Removes Fuzz
Fuzzless peaches have been placed on the market by a Rich-wood, N. J., fruit grower. He has designed a special machine which “shaves” the fruit before it is offered for sale. Endless belts carry the peaches between moving brushes that strip away the soft, hairlike fibers and leave the fruit with a smooth outer surface. The fuzz is dropped into baskets and the treated fruit is packed according to size for shipment.

  1. Thundercat says: August 23, 200710:10 am

    Hmmm, a peachfuzz trimmer. There’s a joke in there somewhere…

  2. fluffy says: August 23, 200711:04 am

    So wait, when I see both fuzzy and unfuzzy peaches in the store, they aren’t a different variety of peach, they’re just normal peaches which have been shaved?

    My world has been inverted.

  3. Blurgle says: August 23, 20073:42 pm

    I think this guy would have saved some money if he had just planted nectarines, which basically are fuzzless peaches.

  4. Charlie says: August 23, 20073:54 pm

    I love both nectarines and peaches, but they do have quite different flavors.

  5. Stannous says: August 23, 20075:53 pm

    Don’t they do this with wax in Brazil?

  6. Technology says: August 24, 20073:31 pm

    Finally!Now, on to cancer.

  7. Village Idiot says: August 27, 200711:42 am

    Where do I apply for the job of packing shaved peaches?

  8. Paulos says: September 2, 200712:33 pm

    I can’t help but think nature does a better job of it with the nectarine. And what happens with the shaved fuzz?

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