Pedaling Peddler Sharpens Scissors (Jul, 1940)

Pedaling Peddler Sharpens Scissors
Both transportation and power supply for his work are furnished by the bicycle of the British scissors grinder pictured at the left. For the rear wheel of the bicycle that rolls this sharp-witted grinder from house to house in search of jobs also whirls the grinding wheels on a shaft mounted on the handlebars. A belt connects shaft and rear wheel.

  1. fluffy says: July 7, 20079:51 am

    “Well, my mother always told me never to run with scissors, but she didn’t say anything about riding a bike with them…”

  2. jtobako says: July 8, 20079:13 am

    “What’s old is new again”-Afrigadget (via Make) has an article on someone doing the same thing now. One of the comments said that they saw this in South America as well.

  3. The Clashing Blade says: January 1, 200910:20 am

    Good enough for those drug exporting degenerates!

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