Peeing Dog Ashtray (Feb, 1935)

This is awesome, the dog pisses on your cigarette and puts it out.

We call him Seotty. When your guests put cigarettes in the ash tray— and pat Scotty’a head he’ll raise his little hind leg and-PUT OUT THE CIGARETTE. Convenient water sack inside Scotty is easily filled. At last a canine’s most inconvenient habit has been turned into a practical and extremely funny use! Scotty mounted on ash tray both in attractive bronze finish.

Scotty may be had for $1.50 postpaid. Money back if not completely satisfied. Remit to:

Dept. 207, 200 Fifth Ave.
New York City

  1. Stannous says: December 22, 20068:28 pm

    I’m starting an Ebay search to buy you one.

  2. Charlie says: December 23, 20061:10 am

    Damn, I picked a bad time to quit smoking!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Githyanki says: December 23, 20067:06 am

    Too bad I have no visitors that smoke.

  4. […] I would love one of these. Click on the picture to see the source. I’ve been planning on linking to the excellent Modern Mechanix site for a while. It is filled with images and articles from old issues of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and Sexology, along with other publications. It’s really fascinating and often very funny. Plus, you can choose to look at the original article or image in its full size if you want. I wish someone was doing this with old women’s magazines. Maybe I should do this with old women’s magazines. […]

  5. dortmund2 says: January 30, 20088:02 am

    Where do I get one of these…
    I got to have it!…
    It’s briliant….

  6. Anne says: April 8, 200811:41 pm

    I’m kind of surprised that they would have anything like this in ’35. Wasn’t this a bit risque for back then?

  7. […] Scotty Ashtray – February 1935 (Photo: Modern Mechanix) […]

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