Penny Brush Has Powder, Too (Jul, 1934)

Penny Brush Has Powder, Too
THE penny toothbrush is here. A Hollywood dentist has designed a new type of brush to be put up in packets of five in a sealed glassine container. The compressed cotton top, with ridges to simulate bristles, is covered with a film of dental powder. Brush is ready to use.

  1. Sean O'Brien says: November 20, 20088:10 am

    That’s actually a really good idea. I’d love preloaded, disposable toothbrushes to take on trips.

  2. katey says: November 20, 200810:18 am

    Sean, they do exist!


  3. Rick says: November 20, 20083:24 pm

    Oh come on, people! What’s it take to load up a brush and wash it and put it away afterwards? I’m sure that the archeologlists of the future won’t have any problems identifying our era among the rock strata. It’ll consist of a thick layer of plastic.


  4. katey says: November 20, 200811:47 pm

    Aw, Rick, but it’s pretty annoying to carry around your home toothbrush (awkwardly stowed in a stretched out baggie if one doesn’t have a toothbrush case…) plus your slimy half used home toothpaste tube in the front pocket of your backpack when you’re going out of town for the weekend. Plus, what if it’s an impromptu-sleepover? Fingerbrushing is no substitute for a disposable toothbrush tucked in one’s purse before a night out.

  5. Tom says: November 21, 20083:32 am

    wouldn’t it be better to carry your normal toothbrush around with you rather than a big pack of less effective ones?

    I really dont see this as being good for travelers. The only slight value is usage by guests.

    I wouldn’t start a new business based upon this product.

  6. Charlie says: November 21, 200811:11 am

    On some of the nicer (read more expensive) airlines they give you these in the little courtesy pack. It’s actually amazing how refreshing it is to get to brush your teeth during a 15 hour flight.

  7. Rick says: November 21, 20082:20 pm

    O. K. Katey, you got me there. I hadn’t thought about using them only on an occasional basis (impromptu sleepovers). On that basis, the plastic layer might be a bit thinner 😉


  8. James says: November 25, 20084:26 am

    “I really don’t see this as being good for travelers”???

    They are excellent for when you are going on a very long trip (bus/plane/train etc) so you don’t have carry your main toothbrush around with you or risk losing it.

  9. Anne says: February 25, 200910:12 am

    I’d love to be able to buy something like this instead of having to deal with a real toothbrush all the time. I’ve used the things (can’t remember what they’re called) that are “cloth” pouches you slip over your finger to “brush” your teeth and then throw away. Not the same and not very good.

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