OLD BLADES MADE NEW and ready for SMOOTH shaving INSTANTLY by the


Always ready for use—Cannot wear out—Stropper is nickel steel — strop is finest horsehide. Made especially for Wafer Blades. Makes one set do the work of 12. Outfit complete sent prepaid upon receipt of $1. Money Order. Stropper alone 35c, silver or Money Order.

Rudolph Hardware Co., Dept. L, Smithfield St., Pittsburg, Pa.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 18, 201310:32 am

    Some things never change, I saw an ad on TV for something to resharpen the blades of a disposable razor. And I bet this thing didn’t work either (like the “money saving” stuff you see on TV today.)

  2. hip2b2 says: February 19, 20133:05 pm

    I look at this differently. The concept of “disposable” is new and I suspect had a big start with razor blades. Remember, these were simple steel blades with no coatings or magic attached. The idea that the life of a product could not be extended just did not suit the mentality of the day. As a curiosity I’ve purchase a variety of disposable razor blade sharpeners over the past years with designs that range from the simple to the extraordinarily complex. Under my subjective test, some devices worked better than others as one would expect.

    Fortunately, none of my devices relied of “Pyramid Power” to sharpen the blade, that didn’t come till much later.

  3. deanS says: February 27, 20135:28 pm

    Things like this were also popular during WWII. You can find pictures of many different models if you google “razor blade sharpener” like this one on the retrorazor site.

    http://retrorazor DOT com/2009/razor-blade-sharpener/

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