Perfume Advertised in Perfumed Ink (Apr, 1940)

Perfume Advertised in Perfumed Ink
A color advertisement that smelled, but smelled beautifully, was printed recently in an Indianapolis, Ind., newspaper to promote the sale of a new perfume. To accomplish this novel feat, green printer’s ink was scented by adding concentrated perfume oil, and applied to the page on which the advertisement appeared by means of a special “ink fountain” of the type used to print a color on a single page of a large newspaper. The unit, pictured below, can be attached quickly to the press.

  1. Stannous says: February 1, 200710:54 pm

    Okay, this is the second stop in my Time Machine so that I can arrange an “accident” for these geniuses…

  2. […] Daug kas girdÄ—jo apie rinkodaros milžinų norus pritaikyti kvapus savo produktų reklamai. Kvepalų reklamoje (daugiausiai spaudoje) tai taikoma senokai. Va kada pasirodÄ— pirma “kvapni” reklama mažai kas žino. Gali bÅ«ti, kad ir Å¡i reklama, paleista 1940 metais nebuvo pati pirmoji kvepianti spaudos reklama. […]

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