Peripheral Vision impacts your computer! (Apr, 1978)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a printer sold in kit form before….

Peripheral Vision impacts your computer!

with a full-size, low-cost impact printer.

Until now, the hobbyist and small businessman have had one major problem in assembling a reasonably priced microprocessor system with the capabilities found in the more costly computers. It was impossible to find a high-quality, high-output printer for hard copy needs at an affordable price.

Peripheral Vision has come up with a solution.

We are offering a full-size impact printer designed for microprocessors—and it comes with a mini price. Prices start as low as $540 for the printer, interface card kit. and the power supply. And that won’t impact your pocketbook.

Peripheral Vision’s printer is loaded with capabilities. Take a look:

* It’s fast—120 characters per second

* 96 characters per line, 12 characters per inch horizontal, 6 lines per inch

* Makes up to 4 copies simultaneously

* 5 x 7 character matrix

* Ribbon has built-in re-inkers for a life of 10,000,000 characters

* Paper can be either a standard 8-1/2-inch roll, fanfold or cut page

* Interfaces to 8-bit parallel ports (one input & one output)

* Compatible with the S-100 bus (use our optional parallel port card)

Just remember, Peripheral Vision is committed to helping you get along with your computer. As an example, the printer we are offering is high in quality, low in cost and will definitely impact your system. Other examples include Floppy Disk Drive systems, Digital Cassette systems, Stand Alone Audio Cassette interfaces and our inexpensive Keyboard.

* Send me more information on how to impact my computer!

* OK, here’s my $540, send a printer kit.

* Here’s $695 for an assembled & tested printer. And thanks!

P.O. Box 6267/Denver, Colorado 80206 303/777-4292

  1. Mike says: June 30, 20117:30 am

    I like how they add the “And thanks!” to your selection. If it was on a different line, they would be thanking the customer, but because it is part of the selection, they are having the customer thank them.

  2. Charlene says: June 30, 20119:39 am

    There are days when I’d like to impact my computer…

  3. Toronto says: June 30, 20119:56 am

    Five by seven chars! No descenders! Perfect for business letters, resumes, etc.

  4. Hirudinea says: June 30, 201111:15 am

    But at least the ink costs would be reasonable once you bought the printer, today the ink costs more than the printer!

  5. Aya Reiko says: June 30, 201111:43 pm

    That assembled and tested printer is appearently worth almost $2300 in today’s coin. It better be one awesome printer.

  6. Aya Reiko says: June 30, 201111:45 pm

    Woah… This company still exists today:…

  7. Gary James says: July 21, 20114:00 pm

    For 1978 it would be a miracle.

    BTW, you could likely re-work it to do half pixels, as later NLQ printers could do.

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