Periscope Reveals the Interior of a Locked Bank Vault (Nov, 1929)

Periscope Reveals the Interior of a Locked Bank Vault

THE “Tresoroskop,” a periscope-like device that has just been perfected in Germany is shown in demonstration above. It is especially designed for use in safe deposit vaults, and installed therein will be invisible to occupants of the vaults. It will also be useful to watchmen outside of the walls, who can look through it from the outside and inspect the vault without entering or unlocking the doors.

  1. Kosher Ham says: February 3, 201111:16 am

    I imagine that Jack Benny had one of these for his vault too. 🙂

  2. Andrew L. Ayers says: February 3, 20111:37 pm

    “Yeah, that’s right, sign this release right here…Compensation? Sure, sure, buddy – now step right over here to this room…yes, yes – we’ll be simulating the effects of being in a tunnel, why do you ask?”

  3. Toronto says: February 3, 20113:56 pm

    February is Periscope Month on MMX!

  4. Alan B. Barley says: February 3, 201110:30 pm

    Interstilng — the German periscope which allowed Nazis to view inside the gas chambers — juxtiposed with an article about poison gas. Towards the end of the ware the S.R.zt series (Sehrohr/Tresoroskop) was used in the bunkers of the Atlantikwall

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