Pyramid Plan sounds so much more innocent than Pyramid Scheme.

Starting Right Now—with the Perma-Glaze MILLION DOLLAR PYRAMID PLAN Just $3.00 Can Turn 1964 into the Year You Make a Real Fortune—as the Owner of YOUR OWN BUSINESS and a Brand New Rolls Royce Motor Car—without the necessity of Any Personal Selling—Ever Again!

There is still a way today that an ordinary person, lacking the necessary capital to start his own business, can earn the large yearly income he dreams about—with all the fine things in life that go with it! You can turn your hopes and dreams into visible reality— quickly . . . easily—with a tiny “peanut” investment—without risking your present job and without the necessity of ever selling again.

If you have little or no capital, here’s an opportunity made to order for you—if you are enthusiastic, honest, sincere and determined .to make lots of money. Of course, with just a little capital you can PYRAMID YOUR EARNINGS even faster! Yes, almost overnight and even while you sleep, the Perma-Glaze Pyramid Plan gives you the magic opportunity you’ve waited for. It can lift you by the bootstraps and virtually propel you into your OWN BIG-MONEY BUSINESS. We furnish everything you need. No experience or formal education is necessary. Send coupon NOW to learn how you can become a full- or part-time Perma-Glaze Million Dollar Pyramid Club Member. No dues necessary!

What Is the Perma-Glaze Million Dollar Pyramid Plan—and How Can It Make You Rich Almost Overnight?

The Perma-Glaze Pyramid Plan works through chain sponsorship. It is the-same plan that has taken the country by storm and turned ordinary “no capital available” people into men and women who have made $100,000 and more a year in net income—some have even retired with a half million dollars in about 3 years! Rather than use time-consuming and conventional distribution methods, the folks at Perma-Glaze would prefer to put the large profits into your pockets—and so we have developed our Pyramid Million Dollar Chain Sponsorship Plan. Here’s how it works: You sell or give just one can of Perma-Glaze away. That’s all! You show the person who receives the can our Magic Newspaper Demonstration Test (explained in the FREE Perma-Glaze 28-page booklet). Each such person in turn shows it to others. The product is so miraculous it literally NEEDS NO SELLING! Each person who sells himself on it immediately becomes part of YOUR Perma-Glaze Million Dollar Pyramid Chain! You make a tremendous profit on the sales in YOUR chain without selling! You can make as much as 75% of the amount of each sale—without any personal selling . . . without even seeing a customer again! And you receive EXTRA bonuses, over-rides, etc.

The Miracle Plan That Turns “Ordinary Men” into Millionaires The Perma-Glaze Million Dollar Pyramid Plan is NOT for every Tom, Dick and Mary. It IS for the few thousand men and women who are serious about earning ONE MILLION DOLLARS in their lifetime—the sooner the better! It is loaded with the dynamic method of making money—an EXCLUSIVE method that explodes other direct-selling deals. If you are not a man or woman with ambition and determination who really wants big money, the Perma-Glaze Plan is not for you. For the Perma-Glaze Plan staggers the imagination. It is a Plan in which you can nave hundreds of people working under you … for you exclusively . . . people you may never even meet!

How Did This Plan Originate?

The Perma-Glaze Pyramid Plan is adapted from the Nutrilite Marketing Plan. Nutrilite is a company that went from $50,000 a year to $15,000,000 a year in only 5 short years! It made MILLIONAIRES out of HUNDREDS of ordinary men and women. These people never have to work again. There has never before WHAT IS PERMA-GLAZE?

THE MIRACLE AUTO POLISH that CANNOT be removed for the life of the car . . . without sandpaper! Actually puts a protective GLAZE on your car! CONTAINS LIQUEFIED GLASS and more than 8 other miracle ingredients to protect any car from RAIN, SNOW, WIND, and all other atmospheric conditions—plus SALT SPRAY and other ice-removing chemicals!

USED ON AIRPLANES to reduce friction! Makes them fly FASTER and FARTHER on less fuel! Imagine what it will do for your car!

PERMA-GLAZE SHINES LIKE A DIAMOND because it is made by a modern chemical manufacturer in continuous operation since 1865—almost 100 years of quality manufacturing. This is the SAME PERMA-GLAZE that is used on the $25,000 ROLLS ROYCE, CADILLAC and LINCOLN motor cars and expensive foreign sports cars! You can get a beautiful ROLLS ROYCE with your PERMA-GLAZE earnings!

been a deal like Perma-Glaze. There has never before been a product like Perma-Glaze, a product that has set the sales world ablaze. Once you discover the Perma-Glaze Pyramid Plan you will never put your energies into any other product or sales plan.

The Perma-Glaze Million Dollar Pyramid Plan shows you how to make as much as you want. You set your sights—$20,000 . . . $40,000 . . . $60,000 or even $100,000 or more a year. Then you accumulate every cent of it! It will take a little courage—but you’re not going to make big money without courage. You’re dealing with BIG GAME now—and it’s just as easy to deal with big people as with little people. Your earnings will immediately reflect the difference.

The Perma-Glaze Plan works even for men and women who have been weak in sales or who dreaded sales work. Now these same individuals can earn more than 100 times their previous earnings. The Perma-Glaze Plan is no nonsense. It means hundreds of thousands of dollars to the men and women who start now. It will end forever the negative attitude and lack of confidence often found in sales work. You’ll be with the money-making giants as a person of stature and inner strength. You’ll feel different about yourself . . . you’ll have an inner self-esteem to accompany your new-found success. You’ll enjoy life and success to the fullest.

You Can Start At Once!

Perma-Glaze Auto Polish is already the leader in the tremendously expanding auto polish field—with annual sales of $150,000,000.00. The vast majority of the surface has not been scratched. We still have need of an effective distributor network in many areas. Many territories are virgin, and the opportunities are unlimited. One man has averaged a MONTHLY income of more than $20,000 (approximately $250,000 per year)—and he’s been at it for less than a year! These apparently fantastic earnings are possible because of the unique marketing methods—the SAME methods found in the Perma-Glaze Plan! That is why we urge you to mail the coupon below NOW so that we can rush full details to you. THIS is truly the opportunity of your life-time! DON’T LET IT PASS!

G & A INDUSTRIES, INC. Dept. ps-4 Permo-Glaze Div. • P.O. Box 67 MIDWOOD STA. • BROOKLYN 30, N.Y.

  1. Don says: October 28, 20088:13 am

    Another Ponzi schem; named after Charles Ponzi of Boston who tried to get away with his in 1920 . . . .

  2. Tom says: October 28, 20089:31 am

    Actually, I think there is a subtle distinction. A Ponzi scheme involves paying initial investors a profit from subsequent investors’ investments.

    A pyriamid scheme is where an new investor sends money to an earlier investor, who sends a cut to an even earlier investor, who sends a cut higher up. The new investor is supposed to find his own investors to send him money.

    This seems more like MLM, like Amway, which could be considered a legal pyramid scheme. I have nothing against it, just that you really need to be the kind of person who likes to sell stuff to your friends.

  3. Mike Gutman says: October 28, 20082:57 pm

    Like all legal pyramids, the product is what makes it legal even though as far as I can see the schemes would work without the product. The real money maker is in getting others to join as your sub dealers. You get money from them in joining and then a percentage of the sales they make. These dealers that you manage in turn try to get yet others to buy in. Each level pays a percentage of all the money for memberships and products up the line. Names like AVON, Mary Kaye all follow this principle. These plans are usually characterized by having big rallies where awards and kudos are given for performing well. Note pink Caddies for Mary Kaye winners. The products usually are good, but considering all the commisions, prizes and expenses, one would have to conclude that the products heavily marked up. From my experience the big winners are few in number and the vast majority make very little or actually lose money and interest and leave. However, in the meantime what they’ve put in has made the big guns richer.

  4. Eliyahu says: October 28, 20087:05 pm

    Everyone needs to have a “business” where they turn their church membership list into a marketing tool and view family reunions as business opportunities… Since normal business concepts like market saturation and pre-qualifying new dealers before signing them up don’t apply, it’s no wonder that 95% of the people who get sucked into these things lose money. In theory, once everyone in the world is signed up for a pyramid scheme, the “upstream” dealers will all get rich. Of course, the last person to sign up really gets it in the shorts…

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