Perma Spare (Dec, 1958)

Needless to say, these did not replace normal spare tires. I’m not sure when the little donuts got popular. I think they had the wrong market though. If they’d just started a towing company staffed with Mimi’s to compete with AAA they would have cleaned up.

THIS month our niftiest A new product tester tests a nifty new Firestone product called the Perma Spare—an emergency spare wheel with a solid tire that bolts on over the wheel with the flat. Perma Spare is expected to replace the conventional spare wheel. Carmakers and owners should flip over its space-saving convenience.

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  1. Jim Dunn says: August 14, 20076:38 am

    Nothing like a little cheesecake to distract from what might have been a decent idea, huh?

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Nosirree, not me.

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