Personalized Laundry Bag for Child’s Room (Dec, 1950)

Is this to show your daughter what she’ll look like when she gets knocked up? Seems like a mean thing to do to a little kid.

Personalized Laundry Bag for Child’s Room
Topped with a portrait of its little owner, this child’s laundry bag looks much like a life-size doll, and its novelty will go far to encourage children to take care of their soiled clothing. A good close-up snapshot of the child is selected and that portion of the negative showing only the head and possibly part of the shoulders is enlarged as close to 8 x 10 in. as possible. Then the enlargement is glued to the top of a 14 x 25-in. sheet of 1/4-in. plywood, after which the latter is jigsawed to outline the photo and follow previously marked guide lines in order to form the rounded contours of the cutout. The laundry bag itself is made from a piece of colorful fabric (about one sq. yd. will do). This is hemmed along the top edge and fitted with a length of elastic. Then both the fabric and elastic are drawn around the edges of the plywood and tacked to the back. If the enlargement includes the shoulders of the model, the photo probably will cover the plywood which would otherwise be exposed just above the elastic when the bag is partially filled. However, if only the head is used, a simulated dress can be painted directly on the plywood or made from fabric stretched taut and tacked to the back. The plywood cutout is held upright by two wooden blocks fastened to the front and a 4 x 10-in. piece of wood attached along the bottom edge at the back. For a neater appearance, the tacked edges of the fabric can be hidden with another piece of fabric or cardboard which is cut to shape and stretched across the back of the plywood, tacking it along the outer edges. If fabric is used, its edges should be folded double before tacking.
Herman R. Wallin, Washington, D.C.

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