Phone Holder Has Bell in Base (Feb, 1935)

Phone Holder Has Bell in Base

A NEW telephone holder, designed to eliminate unsightly bell boxes from walls and desks, contains both bell and wiring connections in its base.

It is constructed entirely of bakelite, is 5-3/4 inches wide and 7-3/4 inches deep. Due to its compact arrangement, it can accommodate all the standard equipment in this small space.

The holder is designed to work either with or without the dial arrangement.

  1. Roflcopter says: March 6, 20085:06 am

    No way!… its… in the … base… the bell is… in the case… and all other stuff which is not handle… is … in the .. case… 😉

  2. Roflcopter says: March 6, 20085:08 am

    oh upsi… bbbb…bbbase.. not ccccase… too much work.. sry ^^

  3. Stannous says: March 6, 200812:52 pm

    I saw a woman in a restaurant using one of these:…

    Of course her ringtone was an old-style phone ringing

  4. g510 says: March 9, 20087:53 am

    First a bit of history, and then, a surprise.

    What you are looking at there, is Automatic Electric type 34 Monophone. In fact the first self-contained combined sets (with ringer in the base of the telephone rather than mounted on the wall) were made in Europe by L.M. Ericsson and its licensees. These were the classic “French phones” but they were actually Swedish, while at the time, the French “P et T” (Postes et Telegraphes) used a design wherein the bell box was mounted in a central point in the house and the telephone sets did not contain bells. The first American self-contained set was made by Automatic Electric and consisted of a type 1A Monophone handset cradle mounted atop a ringer box: not unlike the Norwegian version of the “French phone,” however it did not catch on in the USA.
    The type 34 Monophone did catch on, in part due to clever publicity including a photo of Shirley Temple using a light-colored phone of that type (they were available in something like six different colors even in the 1930s, though at added cost, so most people chose black).

    And now I have a little surprise for y’all preceding commenters who seem to think that today’s whizzy new cellphones are such a great advance in technology. They’re not. In fact, in terms of sond quality, they stink.

    The AE type 34 Monophone SOUNDS BETTER THAN TODAY’S CELLPHONES. Yes, really. I’ve done tests with this specific type of telephone and another of similar vintage (Western Electric type 202), wired up together through a mechanical dial circuit, just to prove the point. People talking over these things from opposite ends of a building (so they can’t hear each other through the walls) understand each other better and never have to ask each other to repeat a word or phrase. There is no “huh? what did you say?” There is no “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.” And needless to say, calls are never cut off in mid sentence.


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