Photo Lab Flies to Front (Jun, 1949)

Photo Lab Flies to Front

THIS “flying darkroom” can turn out 20,000 photo prints a day. A complete photographic processor, it is designed to fit inside the detachable fuselage of the Fairchild C-120, latest version of the Flying Boxcar. Developed by the Air Materiel Command, the photo-multiprocessor will make photographic intelligence immediately available in front-line military areas.

By changing solutions in the tanks and making minor adjustments, the multiprocessor can be used either for processing aerial strip film or for printing finished pictures. It can handle 600 feet of black-and-white negatives an hour. With additional tanks, color work can be processed.

In the printing phase, developed negatives are fed into one end of the machine. After the paper has been exposed under a battery of lights, it moves forward automatically through various chemical and wash tanks. Finished, cut prints, either 9 by 9 in. or 9 by 18 in., come out the other end. The machine is built in detachable sections for easy assembly and dismantling.

  1. Stephen says: October 21, 20116:46 am

    I remember a machine of this sort running in my local photographic shop, in the days when developing and printing from films was an important and lucrative business. Now that has gone, and the shop has gone too.

  2. Hirudinea says: October 21, 20112:24 pm

    @ Stephen – Yep, I remember those too, turning out photos like donuts, now everything is digital and you can get an 35mm SLR at the good will for 99 cents.

  3. Mike says: October 22, 20117:09 am

    I remember these and a much smaller modernized version at the local Walgreen’s store in the early 2000s.

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