Photo Wallpaper (Jul, 1947)

Photo Wallpaper
THROW out that wallpaper! Away with plaster! Your home may now have magnificent new walls—walls covered seemingly with rare and beautiful materials such as hare-wood, woven rattan, marble, even snakeskin—all practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

The Di-Noc Company of Cleveland makes it possible. Using a record-sized camera they take color shots of the material to be reproduced, etch the exposures so obtained on copper plates, and use the plates for printing by the gravure process on an extremely thin paperbacked film. Film with backing is transferred in large areas to any flat surface and the backing stripped away.

  1. Kalessin says: January 31, 200911:07 am

    Di-Noc was famous for producing the “woodgrain” decals on the side of station-wagons starting from the late 1940’s…

  2. beagledad says: February 3, 20095:19 pm

    Snakeskin wallpaper–now that’s a real must-have. I don’t know how I’ve done without it all my life!

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