Photograph Records Both Portrait and Voice (Sep, 1934)

Photograph Records Both Portrait and Voice
RECORDS of both the portrait and voice of subjects are the latest novelty photographs on the market in Germany.

The paper on which the photograph is printed is also grooved for phonograph recording. After the photograph is taken and the print is made, the subject can transcribe his voice on the photograph without damaging the picture.

The novelty photographs are especially valuable for sending “talking pictures” to friends and relatives in distant lands and cities. The photographs are of average size and carry a voice recording of approximately three minutes’ duration. The center is punched so that the record can be used on any phonograph.

  1. kate says: September 28, 20078:21 am

    Is this for real? Is there any more information on it?

  2. Charlie says: September 28, 20079:16 am

    That’s all I’ve got. Sorry.

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