Pigeons Now Take Aerial Photos (Jul, 1931) (Jul, 1931)

Pigeons Now Take Aerial Photos
AN automatic miniature camera strapped to the breast of a carrier pigeon is the latest method being employed for the making of aerial photographs in Germany. The camera is timed so that shutter is snapped at regular intervals in bird’s flight.

  1. Mike says: April 21, 20098:05 am

    No mention of the other two birds holding the flash?

  2. fred says: April 21, 20093:06 pm

    Plasticine pigeon’s with looking glass ties

  3. Fred says: April 21, 20094:27 pm

    OMG!It’s Pigeon Earth!

  4. Eli says: April 21, 20095:42 pm

    Should work just fine as long as you don’t really care where the camera is pointing when it takes the pictures.

  5. John M. Hanna says: April 21, 200910:44 pm

    Now pigeons can crap on your head, then take a picture of it to show their freinds and have a laugh.

  6. docca says: April 26, 200910:43 am

    The photo has been so thorougly retouched that the pigeon looks like a dummy…

  7. wick says: October 6, 200910:09 pm

    i would shoot one down then put the cam down my pants………yes

  8. Firebrand38 says: October 7, 200912:19 am

    wick: It’s a camera not a microscope.

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