Pilot “Treads” Air On Jet Board (Sep, 1955)

This looks pretty fun.

Pilot “Treads” Air On Jet Board

Intensified study of vertical take-off principles has brought forth some brand-new ideas in aviation, the latest of which is a jet board. It is buckled to the pilot’s feet and supports him in flight by means of air jets from an attached hose. To hover, the pilot stands still, and to move, he merely leans in the direction in which he wants to travel. Tests of a simplified research model by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics show that the pilot has full control over the board, even in gusty winds up to 16 knots.

  1. jayessell says: May 29, 20079:40 am

    Is that guy wearing ear protection?
    It has to be darn loud.

    I wanted to make a “Back to the Future II” reference, but Marty is only in 1955 between November 5 and November 12.

  2. Charlie says: May 29, 20079:54 am

    Wow. Talk about fact checking prowess!

  3. Kryten007 says: May 29, 20077:23 pm

    Yes, but Doc (and family) may very well have returned to the ’50s as he most certainly has fond memories and such of that decade. And, he was the last one in possession of that wonderful Mattel product…

    Anyway, I WANT. NOW.

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