Pimp your ride with… Turn Signals (Jun, 1949)

Personally, I think these wacky “turn signals” are just a fad.


New Model SIMPLEX DIRECTION SIGNAL KIT fits most ears. Gives new safety and comfort when making turns. Eliminates arm signals. Flashing parking and tail lights show other cars which way you’re going to turn. Flashes 60 to 80 times a minute. Works like factory installed models on expensive cars. Does not interfere with operation of present lights. Install it yourself. All parts furnished. For most 1942 to 1949 cars. SPECIFY MAKE AND YEAR. Adaptable to earlier cars at extra cost. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  1. Mark says: February 3, 20105:17 pm

    Florence Lawrence was the very first official “movie star” in the world back in 1910. because until her fame all of the studios had successfully kept actors names anonymous, in fact prior to her public fame she was known as “The Biograph Girl” with Biograph Studios. Florence was one of the few people who could afford an automobile in those early days and she actually invented the very first turn signal, but did not patent it correctly and so it was quickly snatched away from her by all the automobile manufacturers. Her invention used signs to indicate stopping and turn signals; although the signs were obviously replaced with lights, the foot pedal designs she created were very similar. She also invented the windshield wiper, which was also stolen for the very same reason–ironically the intermittent windshield wiper was also stolen decades later as is portrayed in the movie “Flash of Genius”.

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