Pin-Up Car: 1939 B.M.W. TYPE 328 (Mar, 1952)

Another sweet ride by German Engineers. (yes I know this is a BMW and the ad is for VW, but they have way better ads)

Mechanix Illustrated Pin-Up Car
1939 B.M.W. TYPE 328

Owner: Wm. S. Kemp, Fitchburg, Mass. Original cost: $3,500. Engine: six-cylinder, overhead valves, 120-cubic inch displacement, hemispherical combustion chambers, three carburetors. Compression ratio is 7-1/2:1 Weight: 1,700 pounds. Top speed: 100 mph. Chassis is steel tubing.

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  1. MAKE: Blog says: August 13, 200612:07 pm

    Balloons on a plane, word counting pen and a phone that turns off music…

    Each week I like to read Modern Mechanix to see what Makers were up to in the 30’s/40’s/50’s – clever solutions for problems, using the modern technology of the time – always inspiring, and usually entertaining. This little balloon pushes……

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