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ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end Mechanix Illustrated, with this final fanfare of eight—you count ’em, eight!—Pin-Up Cars, winds up a series which commenced in May 1951. Owners of 79 beautifully restored old-timers have won Mi’s $25 award, the vintage of their cars ranging from an 1899 LeRoy to a 1939 Morgan three-wheeler, their quality of design and workmanship from fine to superb. Hail—and farewell!

1910 CHASE has 20-horsepower, three-cylinder, two-cycle engine top speed of 22 mph. Owned by Thomas Fenn. Jr., Rowley, Mass., who spent $500 restoring antique.

1907 KIBLINGER originally cost $375. Jerry Foley. Jacksonville. Fla., owns 12-horsepower, two-cylinder, air-cooled job. It weighs only 650 pounds and can do 18 mph.

1918 STUTZ BEARCAT has 120-inch wheelbase and 60-mph speed. The 4,150-pound car owned by Bob Olson, Minneapolis, Minn., gets 15 mpg on road. Price was $2,575 new.

1913 KRIT owned by Orville Lundstrom of Houston, Texas. Car has four-cylinder engine, top speed of 45 mph. Wheelbase is 106 inches. Vehicle sold for $900 new.

1913 VELIE touring car belongs to Bob Ladd, Mt. Gretna, Pa. Car has four-cylinder, L-head, 32-horsepower engine. Weight is 2,300 pounds. Original price was $1,800.

1921 OLDSMOBILE features four-cylinder, OHV engine, develops 40 horsepower. Top speed is 40 mph. Ed Davis, Pleasantville, N. J., owns it. Car originally cost $1,345.

1925 DUESENBERG, Model A Sport Phaeton, one of about 20 known to exist. David Davis, Cumberland, Md., owns 4,200-pound, 100-mph beauty which cost $10,000 new.

1915 FORD. Famous Model T did 48 mph with four-cylinder, 20-horsepower engine. It cost $450 and had 100-inch wheelbase. Owner is Leslie Henry, Newtown Square, Pa.

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  1. Eliyahu says: January 26, 20096:26 pm

    The Chase owner spent a whole $500 to restore it? Now days, it would cost him more than that just for the material to recover the seat. And I wonder if the Duesenberg owner had any idea of what the car would be worth in another fifty years?

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