Pinching Your way to Success (Apr, 1958)

Apparently when a man decides to do something about his future, he starts by pinching his nipples.

The proven rule of “learn more to earn more” took M.E.F. (name on request) from a position of truck driver to that of an accounting executive in sixteen months. Listen to what M.E.F. says:

“I was driving a truck—working long hours and not making much money. I had a burning desire to better myself in life, and decided to enroll with LaSalle. I went along driving my truck days and studying nights and got my first break after completing 35 assignments. I took a cost accounting position. Within one month after starting full-time, I received my first raise, thereafter followed more. One of the greatest thrills of my life came just nineteen months after I started with LaSalle. When our firm opened up a branch office, I was assigned to take charge of the Accounting Department and my salary has doubled.”

M.E.F. took a proved road to success—and his letter is typical of the thousands we have in our files from men and women in all walks of life.


There is no reason why you can’t win success through LaSalle’s Accounting Training. Today the demand for good accountants far exceeds the supply. This spells real opportunity to the man who is prepared.
You need no special talents to become a success in Accounting. You do not even need a preliminary knowledge of bookkeeping. All you need is the will to work—to achieve success perhaps years sooner.
Under the LaSalle Problem Method you can acquire a thorough knowledge of Accounting —you can master its .fundamental principles—become expert in the practical application of those, principles. You learn by doing—without losing any time from your present work. You train directly under the supervision of a competent stafl of Certified Public Accountants and accounting experts.


We offer you a FREE SAMPLE LESSON so that you can prove to yourself that you can master Accounting—quickly, thoroughly—in spare time at home. You’ll see exactly how LaSalle’s famous “problem method” works . . . how you are led step-by-step through actual accounting work—learning by doing and not by study of theory alone. Along with the sample lesson you will receive FREE the valuable book, “Opportunities in Accounting.” It explains how we train you from the ground up—or from where you are now—according to your individual needs.

Send the coupon RIGHT NOW. Don’t lay it aside and say you’ll do it later. It can be the means of your SUCCESS—perhaps larger success than you have ever dreamed. At least it’s worth considering.

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  1. kaukomieli says: April 16, 20077:59 am

    hm, maybe he just hooked his thumbs inside the suspenders for his pants. afaik that has been a common gesture for “starting to do something”.

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