Pint-Size Tractor Has Gas Engine (Sep, 1948)

This looks damn fun. Also I love the fact that it uses a washing machine engine. I want a gas powered washer!

Pint-Size Tractor Has Gas Engine

Driving his own gasoline-engine tractor, three-year-old Gus Dobert of Nashville, Tenn., is the envy of youngsters of his neighborhood. Made by his father, a machinist, the small tractor has a two-cycle washing-machine engine. Power is transmitted by a V-belt and sprocket chain. The gear ratio insures lots of power but little speed. The clutch pedal tightens the belt on the pulleys.

  1. Fury’s Den » Blog Archive » Mad Science says: March 20, 200710:39 pm

    […] gas powered childrens toys that can mangle you in a thousand different ways, human experiments that are almost guarenteed to […]

  2. Scott Wells says: May 16, 20091:16 am

    After looking at that DEATH Machine the three year old is driving and all the other dangerous toys people bought and built for there kids back then I wonder how any of us are here today.
    That gas powered wagon and the steam cannon looked like real winners also.

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