Pipe Is Effective Tear Gas Gun (Mar, 1933)

Pipe Is Effective Tear Gas Gun

TEAR gas guns have taken many forms in the past and now the weapon comes out in the form of an innocent looking pipe, which no one could possibly suspect of evil purposes. Fortunately its shape permits it to be held like a pistol. The stem does duty as a barrel to spray the smoke in the culprit’s face, while a small knob on the underside works as the trigger. The pipe may be carried in the same manner as its inoffensive brother. How it is held may be seen from the photo above.

  1. jeremy says: September 3, 20082:44 am


  2. […] From 1933.  Picture source. […]

  3. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 7, 20103:27 pm

    Which is it – tear gas or bullets?


    Two different magazines, same picture – coincidence, or conspiracy…?

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