Though innocent enough in outward appearance, a novel type of firearm disguised as a smoking pipe serves as a formidable weapon when it is needed. The gun fires a .25 caliber cartridge. Its stem unscrews for loading, while the bowl of the pipe serves as a magazine for five extra rounds of ammunition. A knurled screw near the center serves as a trigger, and fires the pipe pistol when it is pulled back as illustrated in the photograph above, the user sighting meanwhile along the length of the stem. A German inventor is responsible for the unusual weapon.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: September 30, 20078:51 am

    Smoking can kill you…

  2. Blurgle says: September 30, 20072:38 pm

    The “barrel” appears to be hovering over his wrist. I wonder how it’s supposed to be held.

    And I appreciate your posting a Bond-like device today, as it’s just been announced that Lois Maxwell (who played Miss Moneypenny) has died.

  3. jayessell says: September 30, 20076:44 pm

    Saw that in a movie.
    A gunsmith has a gun hidden in his pipe.
    A gunman laughs at him for aiming a pipe at him.
    I think that’s the movie where he befriends
    Indians after showing them science tricks.
    (Like a silk handkerchif held infront of a gun barrel
    is pushed away by the air of the moving bullet.)

    The Dude Goes West 1948 Eddie Albert


  4. Village Idiot says: October 4, 20078:12 am

    So what happens when you pick up this pipe for actual smoking by mistake and try to actually light it while there are 5 rounds in the bowl? I suppose I could guess…

  5. Lost Soul says: November 9, 200710:34 am

    Who needs a swordstick when a pipe-gun is available. One for the Christmas list.

  6. Daggerstab says: April 21, 20089:58 am

    I’ve seen a color photo of something like this before – see this Belgian site.

  7. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 7, 20103:28 pm

    Which is it – tear gas or bullets?


    Two different magazines, same picture – coincidence, or conspiracy…?

  8. Toronto says: May 7, 20103:46 pm

    And THAT’S why you can’t smoke in airports anymore.

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