Pirate’s Peg Leg Holds Cribbage Cards (Jan, 1932)

Pirate’s Peg Leg Holds Cribbage Cards

FIFTEEN men on the dead mans chest,

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest,

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Pirates! That’s exactly what the above chanty spells. This cribbage set is directly connected with a famous old pirate, the one that every one has heard about—Captain John Silver. What was the most conspicuous thing about old John Silver? You’ve guessed it! His peg leg! You just can’t picture John Silver without a peg leg. This cribbage set utilizes that famous peg leg, or rather a miniature of it. The crotch of the leg holds the cards and the hollowed out peg holds the four cribbage pegs.

Here is the material you will need: Scrap wood for base and miniature peg leg; strip of chamois skin 1/8″x4-1/2″; two pins; small ferrule for end of peg leg; glue; sandpaper; clear varnish; drawing ink, black paint or soft pencil for making inscription.

The peg leg is best and easiest made on a lathe. If you have no lathe, sharpen your knife and whittle it out. Follow the drawings for dimensions. The buckle on the end of the harness strap is just a pin bent to the shape of a buckle with the head and point cut off and filed smooth. The strap is a narrow strip of chamois skin with a few holes punched through it with a pin. It is held in place and the buckle is held on the strap with one pin cut to about 1/8″ in length.

For the base, select a piece of hard wood. On either side of the peg leg are two rows of holes, each row having 30 holes. Each . row is divided into six parts. Each part or short row contains 5 holes, with a double space between groups. The four cribbage pegs can be made from round tooth picks, dimensions for which are given in the drawing above.

The inscription on the beveled edge of the base can be painted on with a brush, inked on with a pen or merely written on with a soft pencil. After you have all the pieces made, sandpaper and assemble with glue and give two coats of clear varnish. The base should be of a contrasting color to the leg.

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