So that gangsters and hit-and-run drivers cannot escape pursuing police cars in crowded city streets, a St. Louis, Mo., inventor has devised a pistol which shoots a small celluloid shell about the size of a hen’s egg. Upon hitting the body of a fleeing automobile it creates a large splash of red dye. This identifies the car as one wanted by the police. The barrel of the pistol is about two inches in diameter, and the projecting mechanism is a spring which will shoot the shell over 900 feet. The nose of the shell is soft rubber, underneath which is a pin valve that releases the dye.

  1. mrchurchill109 says: October 4, 20075:47 am

    Oh, my! It’s a prehistoric paintball gun! Big sucker, too, considering your average paintball ball is less than 1″ diameter, and this thing is a little under 2″.

  2. jsl151 says: October 4, 20079:09 am

    I keep seeing anti-Gangster technology on this website.

    Were they really that much of a problem?

    Even in those days I bet more money was stolen with a pen than a gun!

  3. glindsey says: October 5, 20076:24 am

    That actually seems like a really useful invention. I’m surprised something similar isn’t used these days, as you’d have an instant tracking device, especially if you filled them with some Day-Glo or even phosphorescent ink.

  4. Firebrand38 says: October 8, 20075:47 am

    jsl151, you’d probably lose that bet. Seeing as how Prohibition wasn’t repealed until 1933 “Gangsters” were a reality. The sources I have say that the term “white collar crime” wasn’t even coined until 1939. Dept of Justice statistics show a pretty healthy homicide rate for that period http://www.ojp.usdoj.go…

  5. jayessell says: October 8, 20075:39 pm

    A standup comedian said everyone should have magnetic dart launchers in their car.
    Passing on the right? Changing lanes without signling?
    Shoot a dart at their car.
    Any car with 3 darts gets a ticket.

  6. Rigo says: November 24, 20078:18 pm

    There actually is a state where the police shoot a dart onto a car so they don’t have to start a chase. It has a GPS tracker on it. sorry for no link to info.

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