Pistol Projects Pictures (Feb, 1938)

Pistol Projects Pictures
Pictures are “shot” onto a viewing screen by a novel flash-light gun recently introduced as a toy for children. As shown at the left, pulling the trigger operates a pawl to move, one frame at a time, an endless strip of picture film in front of a battery-operated lamp. Simultaneously, the trigger makes an electrical contact to light the lamp and project the picture onto the screen.

  1. Michael Patrick says: April 11, 20086:16 am

    Why on earth a gun?

  2. jayessell says: April 11, 20088:22 am

    At least it’s not a viewmaster shaped like a gun that you look into the muzzel of.

  3. Neil Russell says: April 11, 20086:51 pm

    I figure the gun shape makes it easy to hold the image steady, or “on target” and of course because kids love guns.

    That’s one short little movie though! LOL

  4. Rick Auricchio says: April 11, 20089:14 pm

    It’s a perfect airport carryon item!

    Projects an image of a bomb…

  5. Neil Russell says: April 12, 20085:39 am

    Rick, it would be like a cat chasing a laser, just shine the image on the wall and the TSA agents could chase it all over the place. Great fun for those tedious hours standing in line at Hartsfield in Atlanta

  6. Ricardo says: September 25, 20103:19 pm

    Thanks for finding this! This toy was sold in Brazil in the early 60’s and was my favorite thing! The gun shape made it really accessible to small kids. The pistol grip is a great way of holding anything. The projection was just magical, I still remember the parts inside. This toy changed my life!

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