Plane Catapult Saves 18 Hours Time (Nov, 1928)

Something tells me people on a passenger ship are not going to be too keen to be catapulted off of the deck…

Plane Catapult Saves 18 Hours Time

PASSENGERS aboard the Ile de France, luxurious new passenger steamer plying between New York and Cherbourg, can now speed up their ocean journey by hopping off the ship in an airplane when a few hundred miles off the French coast, the plane carrying them directly to Paris. This is made possible by a 60-ton catapult installed on the deck of the steamer, which launches an amphibian plane.

On a recent test flight, the airplane left the ship 450 miles at sea and flew to New York with a mail cargo, clipping 18 hours from the regular sailing time of the vessel. Perishable express matter and other types of cargo requiring fast delivery will be carried by the airplane.

  1. Patrick says: April 29, 200812:26 pm

    That’s like what warships use to launch planes off of their short runways.

  2. Torgo says: April 29, 20086:25 pm

    Ginger Rogers was catapulted off with the mail plane in Shall We Dance. She did it to get away from Fred Astaire.

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