Plane Refuels from Speeding Auto / Big Clock (Jan, 1933)

This just seems like a bad idea.

Transferring gasoline from an automobile to a speeding airplane was a feat accomplished at Muroc Dry Lake, Calif., the other day, demonstrating a new way of refueling on the fly. Hitherto an airplane making an endurance flight has been able to take on fuel only from another plane. For the unusual stunt, a small sedan was fitted with a special superstructure to handle the hose, and contact was successfully made between plane and car after a few minutes’ maneuvering. When the fuel tanks had been replenished a supply of oil was pumped to the plane. The success of the stunt depended on keeping the machine at the same speed.

Pilots of aircraft passing the airport at Heston, England, will know at a glance whether they are ahead of schedule or late. A huge clock, now under construction, will make the correct time plainly visible from the air. So large is its horizontal dial that the minute hand will move nine inches in every sixty seconds. At noon and midnight the hands are to point due north. Knowing this, a flyer can tell the time even when poor visibility obscures the figures. The photograph shows the big clock just before the numbers were painted on the dial.

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