Plastic Phonograph Records Are Decorated in Color (Sep, 1946)

Plastic Phonograph Records Are Decorated in Color

Appropriate color pictures adorn both sides of new plastic phonograph records, made-by Vogue Recording Co., Inc., of Detroit, that not only outlast ordinary shellac records but may be put up in the game room or children’s room as decorations. A noiseless, super-high-fidelity plastic surface on an aluminum core prevents them from breaking or warping and gives true tone without needle scratch. .

  1. Toronto says: June 1, 201111:21 am

    These became popular very briefly in the 1970s. See http://www.retrobloke.c… for example.

    The 70’s versions were just vinyl as I recall: no fancy aluminum substrate.

  2. C.H. says: June 1, 201112:26 pm

    And here’s a fully illustrated discography-

  3. Jari says: June 1, 20112:36 pm

    And here I thought, that picture LP’s were mostly from 80’s.

  4. Charlene says: June 2, 20119:38 pm

    Frankie Masters and His Orchestra were part of the Chicago big band scene in the 1930s and 1940s. Masters was especially popular with the totally legitimate businessmen who handled import-export in the Chicago area. Unlike many of these businessmen’s favourites, however, Masters and his orchestra (or should that be His Orchestra?) could sell out any jazz or swing club in Chicago well into the 1980s.

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