PLASTIC TOILET SEATS of hygienic design are among the priority goods that will be available for the postwar home. Molded in one piece, and having a smooth finish that requires no varnish or paint, they are easy to clean and will withstand repeated sterilizing. The seats are available in either black or brown, and the manufacturers say they should last a lifetime.

  1. Stannous says: October 10, 200610:44 pm

    The sharp edges look a bit less comfortable and think about it, who really wants a seat that has been there for a ‘lifetime’?

  2. Blackmantis says: April 28, 200810:12 am

    What surprises me, is that the modern seat hasn’t changed! They STILL don’t standardize elongated/lengthened seats, despite the fact it’d make using the lavatory a lot more comfortable for males, and more overweight people.

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