Playboy Car (Mar, 1948)

Nothing says Playboy like a 40hp engine. Also, wouldn’t you think that an ad for a car called “Playboy” would have a man driving it?

it’s NEW… it’s TERRIFIC!

The Playboy

• The only car now being displayed with an all-steel convertible disappearing top.
• Combining the essentia! features of 3 body styles: business coupe, club coupe, and convertible car, all in one.
• All steel body and frame welded into one piece.
• 4 independent coil springs guaranteeing smooth comfortable ride, and 4 wheel hydraulic brakes.
• Powered by a 4 cylinder, 40 horsepower Continental or Hercules engine.
• Gives 30 to 35 miles on the gallon.
• Equipped with quality standard automotive parts.
• Priced at $985 f.o.b. factory.

Playboy Motor Car Corporation


  1. Dennis Spiegelman says: September 7, 20078:27 am

    The Playboy was made to be a second car when most families only had one.
    When the men returned from WW II, the wife now had to give up having a car to drive. That is the reason it was marketed to women. How do I know this?
    The Playboy was made by my family in Buffalo NY, that is my Aunt Helen in the ad, and I have a Playboy in my garage.

  2. Charlie says: September 7, 20079:06 am

    That’s cool Dennis. How long did they make them? Do you have a picture of yours? I’d love to see it.

  3. Firebrand38 says: September 7, 200710:01 am

    WOW! That’s a fantastic insight Dennis! Thanks for contributing that. How long were they manufactured for?

  4. Rick Auricchio says: September 7, 20072:42 pm

    Very cool having you here for the info, Dennis.

    How many Playboys are still on the road?

  5. Mike Brisendine says: September 7, 20073:51 pm

    I found this article aboout the history of the car at http://www.canadiandriv…. The article makes mention of the Mechanix Illustrated feature mentioned here. According to the linked article 97 were built.

  6. Firebrand38 says: September 7, 20074:03 pm

    Try this link instead (there’s a period on the end of yours that’s throwing things off) http://www.canadiandriv…

  7. Mike Brisendine says: September 7, 20074:23 pm

    My bad. I’m sorry about putting that period at the end of the link. I also found by googling the NADA Guides priceing guide. It shows the value to be between $6,000 to $17,675 for the 1948 model. Pretty neat looking car, I wouldn’t mind owning one.

  8. Firebrand38 says: September 7, 20076:15 pm

    Mike, no sweat. Thanks for finding the link in the first place.

    By the way I used an on-line cost of living calculator, and $985.00 in 1948 is equivalent to $8,407.24 today. Still a bargain!

  9. Blurgle says: September 7, 20078:55 pm

    Going back to Charlie’s comments: I would suspect that 90% of Playboys were driven by women and 10% by men.

    Of course, some may have been driven by both 🙂

  10. Ed Howard says: November 28, 200710:43 am

    Out of the 97 Playboys reportedly built, we can currently account for 41 still in existence. Of those, only about 15-20 are in roadworthy condition. Please check out my website for Playboy cars: http://www.playboymotor…

    I own Playboy car #34

  11. Tuckeroo says: January 8, 20081:47 pm

    Saw this the other day, hopefully this car can be restored to original (ie: Playboy body with GMC Jimmy(!?) mechanicals):…

  12. gordon williams says: January 25, 200810:40 am

    My brother had one with 5000 miles on it, it was two tone . dark Brown with a cream fenders. It had the hard top with it. in like new condition. I have some nice pictures of it. He sold it to a museum before he died about 6 years ago.

  13. Fred Tucker says: February 13, 20082:50 pm

    This is a real long shot. I knew a Dennis Warren Spiegelman in LA in the Mid 60s. I recall he was originally from New York State.

    We worked on Wilshire Blvd at AFCO.

    Is that you???


  14. Al Bear says: August 14, 200810:05 pm

    Interesting car! I saw this today in the LA Times, A Playboy in a Oklahoma junkyard.

  15. Al Bear says: August 14, 200810:06 pm

    DUH! forgot to put the address, sorry. Here it is,…

  16. Dennis Spiegelman says: November 12, 20081:29 pm


    Yes, I am one and the same. I assume this is Fred Tucker. Contact me if you read this [email protected]

  17. Larry says: August 24, 200912:07 am

    I saw a red, roadworthy Playboy Car today at a car consignment /antique auto building today near Springfield, Mo. I had never heard of one before and thought it might be a kitcar or fabricated one-of -a-kind. This one looked near new. WOW–what an interesting vehicle. It was for sale, but no price was listed on the For Sale sign.

  18. dennis Spiegelman says: August 24, 200911:32 am

    Can you provide some information helpful to find the car for sale. Perhaps a phone # or email?



  19. Phil says: October 20, 200910:38 pm

    My wife and I just saw a beautiful Playboy at the auto museum in Saratoga Springs, NY

  20. jayessell says: October 21, 20091:54 pm

    Hef should have purchased a few as company cars.

  21. CommonCents says: May 14, 201010:42 am

    This car is the mystery car this week 5/14/10 on USA Today Drive On section!

  22. Charles B says: October 24, 20104:09 pm

    i just bought a house here in ohio and there is one of these cars in the garage it is #44 i was wondering what it is worth

  23. Toronto says: October 24, 20106:48 pm

    Charles B: A car collector’s forum would be a better place to ask. Cool find, though.

  24. Dennis Spiegelman says: October 25, 20109:04 am


    Please contact me regarding Playboy # 44

    I am curious as to whether this is a missing Playboy, and its condition.



  25. Dennis Spiegelman says: October 25, 20109:05 am
  26. Jerry says: August 1, 201112:00 pm

    For some information about the Playboy there is a story written by David Kaplan whose grandfather, Lou Horowitz started the company, in The Buffalo History Gazette. There is also a video interviewing David Kaplan done by local TV station in Buffalo, WGRZ and reporter Dave Kellerman, at the end of the story. You can find it at: http://www.buffalohisto…

  27. Jerry Gill says: September 14, 20114:42 pm

    What does a playboy sell for and do you know of any for sale?

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