The newest fun for Junior. His own personal motor vehicle. Safe, quiet. Simple as a sidewalk bike. A 7-year-old can learn in minutes. The ideal birthday gift.

Stows easily in plane or boat. Only 42 pounds. Ride it on the patio. A barrel of fun for your guests. The girls will simply love it.

Folder on Request $119.95 f.o.b.
3074 Broadway, Oakland, Calif.
Dealer Inquiries Invited

  1. Larry Fisher says: September 27, 20084:16 pm

    I have one of these scooters and am always seeking information, parts, another scooter, etc. If anyone has any of the aforementioned please contact me at [email protected]

  2. warren conklin says: October 31, 20112:20 am

    Hello Larry. A johny come lately seeing this posting tonight. I had the playboy scooter, or a slight variant of it. Mine looked identical, and owned it in 1963 or therabouts. I found this spot, because I was curious as to any info on it. A curiousity from yrs gone by to see it again. I used it on sidewalks in South Dakota, and back streets. I do remember it was very underpowered as i only weighed 130 LBs then I was 15yrs old or so. The one I had,had the white tires, and also had a hand clutch lever. After getting the scooter, I wondered why it had a clutch lever on the handle bar, as opposed to a centrifical clutch. I used to slip it and give it some help getting started. Needed to push off with foot tohelp it get started as only a one speed belt drive. The one in the picture looks like it could be centrifical, or maybe that is a remanant of what is left of the clutch assembly, but for sure mine was hand lever disengage type clutch. The little 2 stroke engine in it was cute and something in the neighborhood of 3/4 hp would be about right. A small hill even for someone of 130lbs was noticeable. One of the problems I had with it was continually having to have a mechanic friend come over and adjust the points for it to even run properly. I dont remember if we had to pull the flywheel, or as in most like it of the day, adjust them through a small slot in the flywheel. I bought it because it was so darn cute. My mechanic friend had an xlch harley davidson. He took the scooter for a ride and crashed it. I thought that was humorous, and told him”dont let the big ones throw you”. ha,ha. Well Larry please reply to this email if u are still around. A lot can happen in a few years so let me hear from you. I belive I had the scooter 49 yrs ago. Been a while!

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