Plywood Helicopter (Jan, 1949)

Plywood Helicopter

THERE’S an Easter egg in the sky! But it’s the “Flying Easter Egg”—a new single-place helicopter called by that name because of the oval shape of its plywood fuselage.

Designed by Fred Landgraf, the H-2 can make 100 mph on its 85 hp Pobjoy engine. The center of gravity of the 850-pound craft lies ahead of the rotor axis, insuring greater stability.

Landgraf has stressed simplicity in his controls in order to appear to a wider public—only stick and throttle action are necessary for flight.

  1. Marc B. says: May 28, 200812:16 pm

    Should be at least as safe and reliable as the V-22 Osprey

  2. Larry Bialecki says: November 17, 20096:44 pm

    Does anyone have additional information about this design? Might be interesting to build as a Light Sport Aircraft.

  3. Firebrand38 says: November 17, 20097:10 pm


    Didn’t catch on, but here are some patents by the inventor:…………

    @Marc B.: That’s funny, the people who fly it think it’s safe and reliable http://www.marinecorpst…

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